IN parts One to Four, we exposed the fallacies by NewsDay with respect to the recently accredited veterans of the war of liberation. 

In this instalment (Part Five) we continue with this rebuttal.

You claim the ZANU PF Government is totally irresponsible, it is planning to pay the recently accredited war veterans with funds that are not budgeted, thus still pursuing your indictment that assisting the war veterans will push the Zimbabwe economy over the precipice.

How can it be that a whole Government can be so totally inane that it plans to pay out funds that are non-existent?  

It is to say the whole edifice is useless and moribund. 

It is to say each and every person who sits in that Cabinet, who sits in that Parliament, who sits in that Central Committee or who sits in that Politburo is so totally irresponsible they can preside over and ratify a decision to pay over 100 000 war veterans with funds that do not exist. 

It is to say they are not in their right mind. 

But this is a Government that has successfully dealt with each obstacle thrown in its path by the West for the last 42 years. 

Thus to purport that a Government which, for 42 years, has successfully challenged and defeated each indictment from the West is on auto pilot is total hypocrisy. 

The West does not pay surrogates millions of dollars to remove a Government which is already falling off its hinges. 

They have no money, time, nor intelligence to waste. 

It is a sad day when a Zimbabwean can choose to close his/her eyes to the truth.

This edifice called Zimbabwe is not on auto-pilot; this is why the West cannot rest, cannot be at peace about this land. 

That is why they formed a party specifically to remove the ZANU PF Government by illegal means; that is why it has a proliferation of NGOs and all sorts of agents paid millions to remove the ZANU  PF Government — it is a thorn in their flesh, a big thorn. But you are not a thorn in the flesh if you already are falling off your hinges.

So what you are saying is the Government will issue funds from nowhere, the standing budget will not be followed and the result will be total chaos; the accusation is that this country is in the hands of simpletons who have no clue as to what they are doing.

But you know this is not true: ZANU PF  trounced Rhodesia on the battle field forcing the British to Lancaster to negotiate their terms of surrender. ZANU PF has since defeated the British and their American and European cousins on the land issue. 

We successfully took back our land, and ZANU PF has defeated their evil machinations of destroying the country through illegal sanctions and still has succeeded in keeping the maligned MDC (now CCC) from the seat of Munhumutapa. ZANU PF and its Government are not clowns nor puppeteers.

  • You should have checked with Government where the funds would come from before accusing that the same is irresponsible and is leading the nation into a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. 
  • You should have given your Government the benefit of doubt. 

It is standard practice to check your facts before you report, unless of course the intention is to malign. 

You should have checked with your Government what the plans were instead of indicting it without basis. 

There is no need to cost, rather there should be commitment to truthful reporting.

As it happens, there is a War Veterans Fund set aside for and dedicated to the needs of war veterans, which is provided for in the War Veterans Act  which “…provides for the establishment of schemes for the provision of assistance to war veterans and their dependants, to provide for the establishment of a fund to finance such assistance…,” thus the War Veterans Fund.

Thus, it is malicious to claim that assisting war veterans is a death sentence to the economy when, in fact, there is in existence funds to provide for war veterans, a fund dedicated to them. 

Your indictment of the Government, therefore, falls off. The ZANU PF Government you so deride is not moribund, it is quite focussed, plans strategically and is responsible. 

There is no need to fight so harshly those who fought for so many others and redeemed this very nation. 

It is unconscionable to publish untruths for the very purpose of burying the good that brought this nation into being after 90 years of brutal British bondage.

If such reporting continues to be credited in this country, it is putting the nation in danger, the untruths that are splashed across the pages as truths are meant to incite discontent, fear and consternation, cause mayhem and ultimately undermine the very foundation of this nation which is the liberation struggle and that is highly dangerous because without the liberation struggle and its legacy, this country is open to vultures and alligators of the West which then it seems is the purpose of such reporting.

Every Zimbabwean has a duty to protect this country, to safeguard each pillar that keeps the nation secure and the liberation struggle is the strongest pillar of this nation, its very foundation.

We don’t owe this country to anyone but Musikavanhu; it is a sacred gift which every Zimbabwean should cherish and not endanger so perniciously. 

We should protect this land not just for ourselves but for future generations, just as Chaminuka and Nehanda and the freedom fighters heeded Musikavanhu’s call and protected this land so we all can enjoy it today, in peace. 

It is cruel to be careless with the peace we enjoy today in this great gracious land, it came very expensively.


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