WE know who gets upset whenever things seem to be going right for Zimbabwe. 

It is not social media.

Social media is just an instrument and so it is not surprising when their permanent agenda of ever seeking Zimbabwe’s demise is so starkly reflected in the social media.

Mbuya Nehanda is anathema to them for they failed to defeat her.

At every turn they will try to belittle Mbuya Nehanda for they know what she represents, the never-say-die spirit of Zimbabwe.

When the British imperialists captured Mbuya Nehanda in 1896, they immediately sent telegrams to England to say the war was over.

And when they learned that her medium was being taken to Chifombo in Zambia, the whiteman knew her bones had arisen and the tide had changed in the Chimurenga War. lt was a war they would not win.

When Mbuya Nehanda’s statue was constructed in the centre of Harare, something changed, the same forces panicked… ‘What next?’ They were alarmed.

Dr Tirivangana tells the story of what happened when a certain tree along Tongogara Avenue fell. 

Journalists, mostly international ones, accosted him rushing him to confirm the worst they wished for Zimbabwe.

Nehanda’s tree has fallen, they announced when they finally found him where he was sharing a drink with friends, something terrible is going to happen! Tell us Dr Tirivangana, what is the meaning of this?

Dr Tirivangana did not pander to their doomsday predictions. 

He calmly asked for proof that it was her tree. They retorted: But that is where she was hanged? And if indeed that is where she was hanged how does it make it her tree. Confronted by the logic of the metaphycist, they could not take their antics further. 

They claim they are the most powerful and Zimbabwe is of no consequence, but the strange thing is that when certain things happen in Zimbabwe, they cannot sleep. We know why.

We are dealing with enemies of Zimbabwe who never thought it was normal that it was a land in its own right with full sovereign rights to determine its own destiny.

They thought they could just come, commit armed robbery, massacre anyone who dared say no with no consequences.

But Nehanda warned them: “You have traversed against Mwari, I have not transgressed. This is my country, and you have stolen it and it is a transgression against Mwari.”

She told them it would not end with her death, ‘my bones shall rise’ she said, defiantly, fully ensconced and confident about who she is.

Now, if there is anything that scares the whiteman, it is confidence in who you are. Mbuya Nehanda was not apologetic. 

They sent telegrams to England that the war was over because they had captured her. 

They were mistaken, the war was not over, far from it, it was a strategic retreat to avoid genocide which the whiteman was pursuing relentlessly. 

The family of Zimbabwe had to live to fight another day and they did.

That day came 65 years later when ZANU was formed in 1963 on the slogan ‘Armed Confrontation!’   

Thus her prophecy came to pass, the bones did rise and in 1979 the Whiteman sought terms of surrender at Lancaster just as he had done in Matobo in 1896, but this time the agreement cannot be reversed by the Whiteman’s cunning although he keeps trying, in vain.

Mbuya Nehanda never surrendered nor apologised. 

It is this indomitable spirit which frightens them out of their wits.

The spirituality of the African scares the Whiteman, it is one thing they cannot control. 

This creates havoc in the Whiteman’s mind because he believes he must and can control the whole world. 

For the African his spirituality is his soul, his reference point and with icons like Mbuya Nehanda still standing defiant and undefeated no-one can sleep.

And now they sleep less because she is at the centre of Harare.

Mati kudiiko? They want to ask, but they do not ask, they cannot ask, because they are afraid of the answer:

‘My bones shall rise in perpetuity’ which means ‘you shall never defeat me, my race, my people, my agenda’.

And this drives them to desperation, ‘What next!’ they cannot rest, they resort to the worst their wicked hearts wish against Zimbabwe. 

They spawn falsehoods about her edifice in Harare in order to sully and dishonour this greatest of the nation’s icons.

Wrong again as always, it is only her material edifice gracing us in the heart of Harare City, that is not her essence, it is only a representation, her true essence is spiritual, it is indestructible. 

Just as she was indestructible on April 28 1898, she is indestructible today. 

The Whiteman is materialistic, that is his reference point, it is his achilles heel, thus his path runs parallel to ours, to our spiritualism, and so he shall never understand us and so shall never defeat us.

That edifice at the centre of Harare, epitomises what rescued us from the clutches of the British imperialists. 

Total selfless dedication, martyrdom for the sake of the country and ultimate patriotism. It is this deep love for her country which inspired thousands to say ‘my country or death!’

Nothing they can dream or hatch against Mbuya Nehanda and her risen bones can change the fact that her sacrifice and that of thousands more is the foundation and fortress of the land.

Mbuya Nehanda cannot be killed or destroyed, her risen bones cannot be silenced, her blood and that of those who took up the mantle protect this land.


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