The Catholic betrayal


The so-called pastoral letter of the

Catholic Bishops of August 14 is a classic testimony of the Catholic betrayal and its perennial, age old intransigence dating back to the days of the armed seizure of our land by the British.

It demonstrates that the leopard does not change its spots, Catholics ever were an instrument of Western imperialist hegemony in the land.

Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi exhaustively responded to the Catholic accusations, revealing so clearly that the Catholics had no case but an intention to vilify the Government.

This, the Catholics do perennially through the CCJP which maintains a per- manent tirade against the Government of Zimbabwe.

What never ceases to amaze the ordinary Zimbabwean is that Catholic views never differ from those of Western agents in the country particularly the MDC, Western sponsored NGOs and the rest of the so-called civil society, whose main mission is to ensure that the Brit- ish reposes our land so that they and their Western allies continue to loot our resources.

Every time when ‘Project Reposes Zimbabwe’ feels threatened, the West calls upon its local agents who include the Catholics, to throw mud at the Gov- ernment in the hope that it would fall. They have never succeeded and when they don’t succeed the raucous chorus becomes a shrill beyond sanity.

There are two things which make Catholics see red, which reveal who they truly are, an African government that is independent of the West, and the libera- tion war which brought about liberated rulership.

These two cause the Catholic sleepless nights, and whenever it seems Zimbabwe is resolutely rising above the vicissitudes they take off the velvet gloves and an institution which purports to be the light bearer of God stoops so low and insults:

“It is not clear to us as your Bishops that the national leadership we have has knowledge, social skills, emotional

stability and social orientation to handle the issues we face as a nation.”

To make such statements against a law- fully elected Government, the Catholics have to be desperate, something too good is happening in the nation, they hope to disrupt whatever is so good they cannot be at peace.

Clearly the Bishops want a situation where they hand pick our leaders.

To the Catholics democracy means leaving Western agents, the MDC, West- ern sponsored NGOs and so-called civic society to overrun and run the country so that Rhodesia resurrects.

But project Rhodesia is dead and buried.

The sacrifice of thousands of Zimba-

bwean lives in the liberation war buried it far beneath the oceans.

The present national Government was chosen by the people of Zimbabwe in free and fair elections that are internationally recognised.

What the Catholics are saying then is that the people of Zimbabwe neither have the knowledge, social skills nor emotional

stability and social orientation to know what is good for them, to choose viable leadership.

This is a refusal to accept that the people of Zimbabwe have the capacity as anyone else in the world to rule themselves.

The Catholics case then is that only those instructed by the West can rule this country.

In effect the Catholics are disenfranchising the people of Zimbabwe, but they have no right to do so. This right was abrogated in 1890 by the British and for 90 years we fought and in the process we lost at least 80 000 lives, no one can take this right from us.

Democracy means respecting the will of the people and if the Catholics cannot be at peace with the will of the people of Zimbabwe then there is no room for them in this country, they should pack their bags and leave.

Anarchists will only jeopardise the gains of our hard won independence and the future we are busy building for ourselves and future generations.

British rule brought untold suffering to our people, it cannot be repeated through the instrument of the Catholics, the MDC or who ever the West has groomed for the task.

Catholics cannot bear the liberation struggle and the

freedom fighters.

In reference to Heroes and Defense Forces Days, they insinuate that vana chimbwido, mujiba, mothers and fathers and all who worked with the freedom fighters in the struggle are marginalised while the freedom fighters live it up.

They carefully fan the flame, which says the freedom fighters ‘used you’, now they are sitting pretty in power and they have forgotten you. While pretending to call for unity and togetherness the Catholics are being criminally divisive.

Catholics do not want peace, they will not let Guku- rahundi rest because it is potentially very divisive when left in irresponsible hands, such as those of the Catho- lics and other Western agents.

With the Unity Accord, Zimbabweans said it loud and clear that they can solve their problems on their own.

The Catholics were devastated that such a time bomb was defused and the country is marching on peace- fully. If anyone can be riled that such a was

defused so expertly, they are anti-God.

atholics truly wanted justice and peace they would

not be so silent about Rhodesia’s atrocities in both the First Chimurenga and the Second Chimurenga, the mass murders across the borders; Nyadzonia, Chimoio, Mkushi, Freedom Camp, Kamungoma Base Camp in Gutu and many other dastardly acts of cruelty by the Rhodesians between 1890 and 1980.

They should be taking them to task to compensate the nation and those affected but we do not hear them charging Rhodesians with crimes against humanity.

It does make sense though, the Catholics are part of those crimes against humanity, for they did call for genocide during the First Chimurenga.

They helped craft the genocidal policy against our people, their hands are bloodied with the murders of thousands.

Catholics cry crocodile tears over what they term levels of poverty and a poor health system.

If they were genuine, they should take to task the Western capitalist countries that have imposed illegal sanctions on the country for decades.

They should take them to task and never leave them to rest until they have removed the illegal punitive sanc- tions.

What the Catholics prefer is to blame everything on ‘an incompetent, irresponsible African government’ yet they are fully aware that the Zimbabwe Government in- herited a country that had been involved in a costly war. It had to take care of a people who had been exploited and oppressed and marginalised for 90 years and the perpetrators of that 90-year injustice added insult to injury by imposing sanctions.

If the Catholics are truly interested in improv-

ing the livelihoods of the ordinary Zimbabwean, why

don’t they surrender some of the land they looted from our people, 5 600 hectares. One of the largest European farms is their endowment from Cecil John Rhodes at Chishawasha, rewarding them for being fellow fighters against the Africans, owners of the land between the Zambezi and the Limpopo.

They should cede land to be used for youth projects to help the upcoming generation of Zimbabweans.

This would be a way of compensating the Africans who were so brutally robbed of their land by the armed bandits of Cecil John Rhodes.

For over a century the Catholics have benefitted lucratively from land looted from our people. They never thought of returning the land to the Chinhamora people nor of compensating the Chinamhora people.

They have never apologised to them even verbally.

The Catholics should never have accepted land looted from our people, they should never have been involved in such a villainous project of the brutal armed seizure of our land by the British.

The Catholics claim that the Government of Zimbabwe does not consult broadly. The Catholics are not sincere in this accusation.

As Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi pointed out, the Catho- lics themselves did not seek any conversation with the Government before they went to the press with their

so-called pastoral letter.

Why did they not talk to the Government before issu- ing such a letter.

The Catholics do not recognise the Government of Zimbabwe, that is why they would not talk to it before

attacking it so viciously.

The Catholics quote prophet Micah liberally.

They use the prophet to justify claims that the Zimba- bwe national leadership is irresponsible, power hungry, selfish; they also use the prophet Jeremiah to insinuate that they would be martyred for the people of Zimbabwe.

Anyone can claim anything but history speaks more

accurately than pontificating.

The Catholics have never stood with the people of Zimbabwe from the time they came to our country more than a century ago.

During the first Chimurenga, they advocated the exter- mination of our people and they shared the loot of our land with the British. They have been thieves.

In their crusade to rob us of our land, the Catholics who claim Christ is their master, chose to pretend that Luke 4 verse 18 which summarises his mission does not exist in their Bible. The verse which describes his mis- sion as:

To proclaim good news to the poor. To proclaim liber- ty to the captives. To restore sight to the blind. To set at liberty those who are oppressed. This would criticise the Catholics’ lust for power and wealth so they set it aside.

The Catholics conclude their letter by putting forward a cocktail of groups, which should map the way forward for Zimbabwe.

Characteristically the Catholics exclude constituen- cies which genuinely represent the broad masses of our p

Where are our Chiefs, where are the war veterans,

detainees and restricties and where a

the war collaborators?

Consulting widely in the Catholic dic- tionary means talking to the groups that belong to the Catholic Camp and their Western friends, not those who would give their all, their very lives for Zimba- bweans.

What the Catholics need to remember is that they are not the spiritual leaders of this land, that is why we triumphed against the British armed robbers despite that the Catholics fighting on the side of the armed robbers against us.

Musikavanhu does not need the Catho- lics to achieve His ends in this land, He has never needed them, long before the Catholics came we were at peace with our Lord. Catholics must remember they have a date of arrival in this land, they are not indigenous to this land, they were never invited but we have been gracious to them, but this does not mean we have ceded control of our destiny to them.

Since the arrival of the Catholics in this country, they have never been a positive force, through their many acts of betrayal in this country they have proved that they are irrelevant.

When in 1890, the British armed rob- bers invaded our country, the Catholics were one and the same with the armed robbers, assigning their own, a Jesuit Priest, Fr. Hartmann, to accompany the contingent of mercenaries and convicts, who spearheaded the invasion of our land, the so- called Pioneer Column, a band of armed brigands.

The priest accompanied them as chaplain , saying mass for them on their mission to attack an innocent people, to

attack and rob them of their everything, their land, their goldfields, their cat- tle, their very human dignity. For the

Catholics this was a worthy mission for a Church.

If Fr. Hartmann could accompany these brigands, these convicts all the way, conducting Mass for them while they were on this robbery mission and not be troubled in his conscience, what does this make him… a fellow brigand, and a racist who did not see it fit that the Africans of this land had the right to rule themselves as anyone else in the world. What does this say of the Catholic Church, should we be surprised by the stance of the Catho- lic today? This is why the Catholics are immortalising Fr. Hartmann by naming

a school after him in the very land he betrayed.

When we took up arms to fight the armed robbers in the first Chimurenga, the Catholics were part and parcel of Rhodes’ forces against our people. On seeing that the British were failing to defeat the Shona, the Catholic clergy as part of Rhodesia’s intelligence network, through Fr. Biehler, who was based at Chishawasha Mission, recommended to Cecil John Rhodes:

Our mode of fighting is not the proper one for the Mashonas. It seems to me that the only way of doing anything at all with these natives is to starve them,

destroy their lands and kill all that can be killed.

They were so desperate that the British should succeed in the armed seizure of our land that they would break all rules, human and divine, ‘Kill them all’ they ranted.

The Catholics do not qualify to guide anyone if they can advocate the exter- mination of a people because of crass greed for what God bestowed them with.

If you can be so harsh and cruel so as to call for the extermination of a people be- cause you covet their rich land and their mineral wealth can you be trusted with people’s lives, on what basis?

You who claim to be stewards of God’s children, you would advocate that a people should be exterminated? It is to be inhuman, it is to be utterly godless.

Out of this recommendation of the Catholic,s was born the scorched earth policy, which left a trail of destruction of hu- man life and property, whole villages were burnt down, livestock looted, tons of grain looted, crops in the fields burnt and slashed, reducing the people to roving bands of starving destitutes. This is how harsh and cruel the Catholics were to our people.

Catholics were of the same mind as Cecil John Rhodes, who also advocated genocide. As he moved in with the Col- umn from Salisbury it is reported that ‘he was seized with blood lust,’ he would return to the scene of action to count the African corpses, urging no one should be spared even if they raised their hands in surrender ‘You should kill all you can!’

The hands of the Catholics are thus red with the blood of those killed in mass murders meant to dislodge the people from their land, its wealth and splendor-

ous beauty, they are guilty of the murders of those dynamited to the most excruciat- ing deaths in the caves, those starved to

ecause of the genocidal scorched

earth policy.

oes anyone want to know what

anguish these mothers, fathers, grandfa- thers and grandmothers went through, what pregnant mothers suffered, moth- ers nursing infants, with toddlers and very young children? These were people living normal lives until the wrath of

the Catholics and Cecil John Rhodes descended on them, they were brutally

struck, losing life and limb, their homes and all means of livelihood and becoming instant destitutes facing hunger and utter hopelessness.

We of Zimbabwe want to know, we care We the great grandchildren of the sur-

vivors of this holocaust care

We do not wish the Catholics and their British compatriots to revisit this scourge on our people.

The genocidal war of the Catholics and Rhodes had its toll on our people but they resolved they would not be exterminated. They thought it wise to make a strategic retreat to live to fight another day.

They did, 65 years later Mapfupa aNehanda rose in 1966 when the first shots of the Second Chimurenga rang out at Chinhoyi. We fought a ruthless enemy for 16 years, who used chemical warfare, weapons of mass destruction pursu-

ing a genocidal intent. That despite, we still defeated them without resorting to genocide which would have been too easy for there were less than 300 000 whites in the land.

When you stole our land and murdered our people you committed crimes against our people. If Africa had a Crimininal Court for Crimes against Humanity, you would qualify for trial under the harshest terms. In Musikavanhu’s Court you are guilty of inhumanity and godlessness.

You have never stopped to think why we did not mete out retribution though you are so guilty… we did not take back our land, we did not say much about your crimes. ‘Tiri vaNyai vaTenzi’. We extended the hand of reconciliation but you spurned it, no amount of forgiveness and kindness can make you forgive us for taking back our land from the British, your bosom friends.

Against this peaceful nation, which has never fought you though you have never been a friend, which has retained its equanimity and has not gone up in flames despite a myriad of vicissitudes, you would rally our enemies who are friends to you to crush us. Like Biehler you are saying in your intelligence report to your masters, the only way to defeat Project Zimbabwe is external intervention since nothing else has worked for the last 40 years.

Does a Church which stole our land, committed mass murders of our people, is irresolute about homosexuality and adultery in its ranks have the knowledge, social skills, emotional stability and social orientation to be trusted by anyone.

Our people did not die in vain

Rest Assured you cannot reinstall the British in this land of Nehanda and Chaminuka

The Catholics did not bring this coun- try into being, they are not the authors

this country, it is Musikavanhu who is.


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