The West bullying the world

A Palestinian child stands amidst the rubble of buildings, destroyed by Israeli strikes, in Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip on May 21, 2021. - A ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, controlled by Islamist group Hamas, came into effect after 11 days of airstrikes and rocket fire. (Photo by Emmanuel DUNAND / AFP)

THE West claims to have the power and authority to define who is a terrorist. 

According to them, a terrorist is one who goes against their racist capitalist agenda; it has nothing to do with truth, justice or equality.

In the last few weeks, Israel encroached to evict Palestinians in East Jerusalem so as to settle Jews from the Diaspora.

To evict families who have lived there for decades, it was enough that some Jews from the Diaspora had decided to come ‘home’, for that they would render homeless families who have lived there for generations. 

Where will the evicted families go; what of the trauma wrought by the eviction — that was of no interest to Israel, after all they were evicting Palestinians, a people with no rights at all in the eyes of Israel.

The terrorism of evicting families for some strange Jews to be resettled from the Diaspora was thus more than enough to spark a war.

In the ensuing battles, at least 200 Palestinians, including children, were killed by Israel’s bombardment while 13 Israelis were killed by rockets fired by HAMAS.

The US, which self-proclaims and touts itself as the ultimate human rights defender, was quick to assert: ‘Israel has the right to self-defence?’ 

What about HAMAS, what about Palestinians? 

The American silence on this was louder than sirens. 

It did not matter what the Israelis did to the Palestinians, Palestinians had no right to self-defence; they are to quietly and passively endure whatever the Israelis decide to dish out to them whenever, wherever or they will be extinct.

Israel killed 200 Palestinians at least as it vengefully bombarded Gaza on the pretext of targeting Hamas. They were actually making Palestinians pay for the rockets fired at Israel by HAMAS. 

They knew perfectly that the buildings they bombarded were civilian targets, vulnerable and defenceless, and it suited them well, the carnage was meant to alienate Palestinians from Hamas, to intimidate and harass them, these were terror attacks against civilians and the Israelis did it without compunction.

When the UN Human Rights Commission charged that there might be war crimes committed by Israelis against Palestinians in Gaza and even war crimes by HAMAS and that this should be investigated, the Americans and the Israelis were up in arms; they defied the UN.

Israel accused the UN Human Rights Commission of whitewashing a terrorist organisation, HAMAS, while the US described the decision by the UN Human Rights Commission as ‘regrettable’. 

So the UN has no meaning except when it rules in favour of America; it is a tool to be used by America and its allies and the rest of the world must bow down to America, no matter what. 

You claim HAMAS is a terrorist organisation but how is it that the terrorist organisation respects the UN and you don’t? 

Who is the terrorist here? 

It is one of the worst forms of terrorism to take land which belongs to others and subject the owners of the land to brutal, merciless domination. 

This is what Israel did, so by what logic are Palestinians terrorists to be massacred mercilessly? 

It is highly preposterous for the US and its allies to foist themselves on us as leaders of the free world…. Which free world! 

Who selects who belongs to it!

The capitalist world of the West is not a free world; it has perpetrated, and still perpetrates, the worst genocidal violence across the world; Iraq, Libya and Vietnam, to name a few of the parts of the world terrorised by the West. 

The West cannot relate to any part of the world except as a looter and plunderer; so, by what reasoning do they purport to be the ‘free world’?

 When purveyors of the worst violence on earth masquerade as harbingers of freedom there is a problem.

In this very land, the same happened. 

British armed robbers came and took our land by force of arms and when we took up arms to repossess our land, they called us terrorists. The dispossessed call us terrorists when we fight to repossess our heritage and they, who perpetrate this armed violence, are the ‘heroic defenders civilisation and the free world.’ 

They massacred us, starved us and poisoned us with chemicals to ‘protect civilisation and the free world’.

In their dictionary, fighting for what is yours is a terrorist act. 

It is urgent that the world be liberated from ideological control by the West.

All over the world, the US calls for whomever it decides is a dictator or a ‘strong man’ to be deposed by whatever means.

The deposed ‘dictator’ is brought to the International Criminal Court. 

This is totally ignoble, incorrigible but that is the standard behaviour of the West. 

It is not a question of what you do which is morally or ethically reprehensible or not, but who your master is. 

If your master is Uncle Sam, you can murder the whole world and still get the loudest cheers and accolades from Uncle Sam, as is the case with Israel.

Israel is a friend of the West; in fact, it is a creation of the West and so it can murder, harass and intimidate Palestinians and America and the rest of its Western allies will look the other side and claim Israel has a right to ‘self-defence’.

So, HAMAS is labelled a terrorist organisation for fighting for self-determination and resisting Israeli occupation while Israel, on the other hand, is occupying Palestinian land, treats Palestinians as nomads of no fixed abode, and this sits well with the West! 

It is because Israel is a mirror image of the West so it is untouchable. It is Israel which is a terrorist State but has like-minded ‘powerful’ friends.

It is the way of the West!  

They preach Human Rights but they are the worst Human Rights offenders. 

Liberation from the ideological clutches of the West is thus long overdue, the earth heaves under untold pain from the aggression, plunder, looting and devastation of the West and yet it claims to be Superman, committed to solve the world’s problems, yet they  create these problems?


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