100 days of foundation construction


IN the East, it is said ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, while Westerners say ‘Rome was not built in a day’.
It is common knowledge that our country, for more than a decade, has been decimated by sanctions whose sole aim was to make the economy ‘scream’ and the masses suffer.
Thriving industries were reduced to shells.
Infrastructure, due to lack of investment, became dilapidated.
Presently, the nation is appraising President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s first 100 days in office.
And a misnomer bordering on mischief as well as lack of sincerity and appreciation is that nothing significant has happened in those 100 days.
What is the definition of success?
When the Great Depression hit the US, it took a decade for the country to recover and regain its ‘glory’.
Who, anywhere in the world, has built anything significant in a ‘day’.
Shall a sturdy foundation be described as nothing just because the superstructure is not yet visible.
Armchair critics have never really contributed to the building of anything and have never failed to find fault among those with sleeves rolled up in labour.
Investors are ready to take part in the US$1,2 billion Sengwa thermal power project, it is expected to bring 2 000 MW to the national grid.
Ongoing efforts by Government to right the ship have renewed investor confidence.
Miners have said that they will this year increase output by more than 10 percent significantly contributing to total export earnings.
What some of us have witnessed in the last 100 days and are celebrating is the effort at laying a strong foundation.
While many might not appreciate what seems like a simple part of the overall construction process, getting the foundation right is incredibly important.
The 100 days has been spent in correcting systems that form the foundation of the country and the biggest reason for emphasis on the foundation is that any mistakes made in the foundation will only get worse as we go up
Without doubt the foundation deserves the highest focus and attention, the entire nation sits on top of it.
If we skimp here and something fails, it will not be an easy fix.
We all want a Zimbabwe that is going to thrive for all times, not just now.
And to build such a nation, emphasis must be placed on the foundation.
We cannot over-emphasise that the most important aspect of design is not the structure but the foundation, a Zimbabwe that will thrive must be built on a solid foundation.
Doing away with corruption, the arrests we have witnessed of the corrupt is a significant achievement and makes part of this all-important foundation.
Some among us might be dissatisfied just because the foundation is not as glamorous as the design of the architecture itself, but it should never be forgotten that it is critical to supporting not only the weight of a sustainable economy, but essential to withstanding the constant onslaught that every nation experiences.
We shall not pay attention to naysayers; for any great structure, nothing is more fundamental to its enduring success like a strong foundation on which the bigger future will rest.
We are building a strong foundation for our vision, for the big idea we have for the motherland.
In the 100 days, the new dispensation has created the most important attribute in creating value for the country.


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