2016 demands nothing but hard work!


YEAR 2015 has come to an end.
It has been quite eventful both on the socio-economic and political front.
The year 2016 holds many promises.
Our economy is getting out of the intensive care unit.
There are good times ahead.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping made his maiden historic visit to Zimbabwe and signed economic deals worth over US$4 billion.
Not to be outdone was Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote who in September and October visited Zimbabwe and intends to invest over US$1,2 billion.
No doubt the economy is on the rebound.
And last week at the 15th ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference in Victoria Falls, there was a refreshing statement from Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha about how some ‘forgotten’ companies had come back to life while others had improved production immensely hence lowering unemployment in the country.
Among them are United Refineries Ltd in Bulawayo which had closed shop in 2011, Cairns Holdings, Blue Ribbon Industries, Nestle Pvt Ltd, Olivine Industries, Bata Shoe Company, Anchor Yeast, Quest Motor Corporation (Mutare), Deven Engineering, Dorowa Minerals, Sable Chemicals, Nico Orgo, Star Africa Corporation, Dairibord Zimbabwe Holdings Limited and Capri.
The West, which imposed sanctions on us protesting the land reclamation programme, seems eager to work with us again.
It is not because they have had a change of heart, it is not because they now find us charming.
This eagerness stems not from a change of heart on their part but a realisation that this train called Zimbabwe will not be derailed and that it is not stopping.
It is because we have shown them we can get alternative partners in development while they lose out.
We were supposed to go back to them, the West, cap in hand and apologetic.
But we did not, our Look East Policy, which the West derided, has borne fruits that have shocked them to the point of seeking re-engagement.
We are operating without blinkers.
The challenges that we face are huge and life has been hard.
But our tunnel is not dark, it is not pitch black anymore, we now see the light.
We are not fooling ourselves.
We are very close to coming out of the tunnel.
The forthcoming year must be a time of execution.
We all must get into the new year prepared to work hard.
Success and development is never handed on a silver platter.
The nations in the East that are enjoying massive economic growth have developed on the back of hard work.
They have put in the hours and they are now enjoying the fruits.
They have achieved in not more than three decades what the West took over 100 years to achieve.
And Zimbabwe has the benefit of the experiences of the East.
We can sprint where they crawled.
China and Russia as well as other friendly nations are ready to extend support in all arenas.
In less than 40 years China has grown from being one of the poorest nations in the world to the second largest economy.
As we grow our economy we have numerous templates to base our development.
We do not need to re-invent the wheel or repeat the mistakes made by the developed nations as they grew into superpowers.
The year 2016 demands nothing but hard work!
Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2016!


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