2018: Year of the People


EDITOR — I write to your esteemed newspaper to wish Zimbabwe a prosperous year!
The same message goes to your editorial team which has done a good job in educating and enlightening the people of Zimbabwe and the blacks of the world on the need to rise above and claim their stake as an empowered people.
I am glad that we have taken a new thrust as a country and that thrust will help us formulate policies that can uplift and make a globally competitive nation.
Ours is a nation blessed with abundant skills and resources and my crystal ball tells me that this is the year of the people.
This economy shall rise and we will be a force to reckon with.
I have dedicated this poem to Zimbabwe and we will sing songs of prosperity for posterity.
The Nation At Large
Darkness refused to come
The light like a cone
Shone on the people
Green with life like an apple

Rainfall could not go
The light showers of long ago
Pouring spirits of courage
Did not peel like an orange

The west met with east
Strengthening our best
The south touched the north
Bringing us all forth
The light gave direction
To the guns’ formidable application
Slaying the enemy
With our armoury
Let us all unite for the common goal of developing our nation and together we will make it.
We should be guided by patriotism and hard work.
We will make it.
Zimbabwe is no longer a lone voice crying in the wilderness.



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