A country of good men and women


THE past week has taught us many lessons.

We have learnt that we are a peace loving nation.

We have been taught that we need to unite in order to develop our country.

We now know the faces behind the country’s destabilisation agenda.

Yet Zimbabwe has remained solid, standing and strengthened.

The good men and women in our country have their pride intact.

They walk with a spring in their step, their hearts filled with zeal and drive to steer their country out of the current economic quagmire while they look ahead to the future with hope.

The debris of intolerance, anarchy and terrorism shames perpetrators of crimes committed last week.

The reform agenda has not been destroyed; it cannot be destroyed, it is indestructible.

The journey continues towards a better and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has already found its way out of the darkness and will not be deterred by forces of doom.

The path was never going to be smooth.

We would be running away from the truth, from our prevailing realities if we do not take cognisant of the fact that it is not going to be an easy ride.

The road to redemption, especially in our case, can never be a smooth sail.

And the truth is that many are the forces standing between us and our destiny.

This is the truth that was revealed by events of last week.

The truth which tells us that there are those who have failed to separate personal and national interests.

When you love your country, you protect it.

You defend it.

You die for it.

You give your all to it.

When you resent certain political parties and those who follow them, you do not express your hatred by disturbing the peace of the others.

You do not show it by burning and looting property. 

You protect them and their assets while at the same time cherishing the beauty of your country.

You do not wish your country ill.

You do not take gory images from elsewhere and present them as fact in Zimbabwe.

You do not lie about your country.

You do not use innocent people to further your political intersts and agenda.

This is a country of good men and women.

A country of promise.

A country of plenty.

This is a paradise of good men and women.

A land of opportunities.

A land that posterity will love and cherish.

We are on a path to redemption. 

A path towards unprecedented development.

We are on the cusp of something big.

Yes, this is a period of discomfort; a period of pain and anguish, but the future is bright and full of joy.

Let us unite and rebuild this our great country.

Soon we shall enjoy an eternal feast.

After all, we are a country of good men and women.


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