A ‘crisis’ that we don’t need


THE country is facing a serious crisis.
Not the purported crisis that those who are opposed to its well-being would prefer.
This is a crisis of confidence.
A crisis of honesty.
A crisis founded on the foundation of failure to grasp serious issues pertaining to this country’s future.
We have a people in our midst who are putting money ahead of everything.
A people who would sell their souls on a silver platter.
A people who would do anything just to attract the few coins on offer.
But what is a nation?
What forms nationhood?
What is a community?
What forms the basis of that?
These and many other questions need answers.
Do we have a nation?
Do we have aspirations as a people and as a country?
Who drives our agenda?
What is our national interest?
What forms that national interest if at all we have any?
There is a tragedy that is confronting our country.
When lamely viewed, that tragedy has, on offer and on paper, all the beautiful things of the world.
It has all the high sounding narratives that can lull the whole nation to sleep.
We are being told about human rights.
We are being told the old narrative about respect of the same.
But the question is whose rights are being talked about here?
Take this for example.
I am an indigenous businessperson who, like many others, is having to contend with the illegal economic sanctions that have wreaked havoc on the economy.
I want to start a mining venture but there is only one country where I can get cheaper and reliable equipment.
That country is China.
I have sourced for funding from my relative in the US or the UK.
That relative is told that he cannot send that money or make a transaction because Harare is under sanctions.
That scenario signals the death of that potential project.
What is next for me?
Where do I go from here?
Therein lies our problem as a country.
We cannot do transactions with the rest of the world because we are under sanctions.
Those are issues that those who have imposed sanctions on the country will never tell us.
Instead, they will wave the human rights ticket.
Why will they not tell the truth about sanctions?
Why will they never tell those they support that sanctions are a reality?
How many of those demonstrators have failed to access their money from Mukuru or Western Union?
Why blame a Government that has been frantically trying to explain the reality of the said sanctions?
Why will they not demonstrate against the sanctions that are visited upon every household?
Why not join hands with other progressive forces and push for the removal of those sanctions?
It is a compelling reality that there are several other factors that have been affecting this country.
Those factors are in fact at par with the illegal economic sanctions that have destroyed the country.
Those who are corrupt are complicit in aiding and abetting the sanctions.
They must face the full wrath of the law.
Those who have looted public funds must be dealt with.
Let us build our country as a united people.


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