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TELECEL has introduced a new fixed payment platform for the corporate sector called Telecel Business which brings down the cost of voice calls by up to 80 percent.
The new service comes with four plans that subscribers can choose from, namely Telecel Business 15, Telecel Business 30, Telecel Business 60 and Telecel Business 150.
In each case the plan number corresponds to the monthly US dollar subscription price before Value Added Tax.
Telecel Zimbabwe’s marketing director, Octavius Kahiya said the platform is a follow through of the Telecel Red which was introduced in February this year.
“Telecel Red catered mainly for the individual and now we have come with an offering for the corporate sector,” said Kahiya.
“The packages are premised on the fact that you must communicate with your frequent contacts at a very affordable price and that you must be rewarded for creating the frequent traffic with these contacts.”
The packages entitle subscribers to certain number of minutes each month for conversations with members of a Closed User Group (CUG) of Telecel users determined by the organisation, on-net calls(other Telecel users), off-net calls (other networks), a certain amount of data and text messages.
“For a monthly subscription of US$15, the Business 15 corporate customer is allowed each month 450 minutes of closed user group talk time, 60 minutes of on-net calls, 30 minutes off-net calls, 15MB of free data and 15 local text messages,” Kahiya said.
“Business 30 which costs US$30 gives customers up to 900 minutes of talk time on CUG calls, 180 minutes for on-net calls, 60 minutes for off-net calls as well as 100MB of free data and 100 local text messages.
“Business 60 which costs US$60, gives the user 1800 minutes talk time on CUG, 480 minutes for on-net calls, 180 minutes for off-net calls, 30 minutes for international calls, 200MB of free data and 200 local text messages.
“Business 150 plan which costs US$150, gives the user 3000minutes on CUG, 1000 minutes for on-net calls, 1000 minutes for off-net calls, 100 minutes for international out going calls, 1000MB free data and 1000 local text messages.”
Kahiya said the CUG feature allows the user to call designated Telecel numbers within the organisation’s specified number directory free of charge.
“The organisation specifies the numbers to be part of its closed group, which then become virtually free extensions,” he said.


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