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This week Cain Mathema in his book Why the West and its MDC stooges want Zimbabwe’s Defence and Security Forces reformed, says the sad and embarrassing thing is that Allan Wilson and his troops are buried at the sacred Matopo Hills where the homosexual Rhodes and his homosexual partner Dr Leander Star Jameson are also buried.

By Cain Mathema

IN 1893 the people were militarily defeated even though they had shown incredible military bravery, and applied sophisticated and elaborate military strategies and tactics against the colonising army which was armed with weapons of the latest military technology at the time.
The people’s forces inflicted heavy blows on the enemy at the Lalaphansi, Shangani, Gadadi and Pupu battles.
At these battles (Matshazi, 2008), the white soldiers, who were commanded by butchers of the people like Major Patrick Forbes, Major Allan Wilson, Captain Lendy and Lt-Col Goold-Adams from the British army in Botswana, battled it out with the iNsukamini (commanded by Manondwana Tshabalala), aMeva (commanded by Mazwi Gumede), uSaba, uMcijo (commanded by Mlumbi Thebe), iHlathi (commanded by Matshe Sithole), isiZiba (commanded by Mtshana Khumalo), uJinga and iNxa (commanded by Ntshumane Khanye) regiments.
At the upper reaches of the Shangani River, “an attack was launched in earnest at 2:15 am, and lasted until dawn.
“Clearly white fire power, augmented by machine guns, was disastrous.
“The next and last major encounter, involving the participation of the iMbizo crack regiment (commanded by Mtshana Khumalo) and iNgubo regiment (commanded by Fusi Khanye), took place at koGadadi.
“Once more, the machine gun proved extremely disastrous, particularly that the battle was being fought in an open terrain.”
At Pupu, in Lupane, the colonial military forces led by Major Allan Wilson and Major Patrick Forbes were wiped out by the people’s fighters commanded by General Mtshana Khumalo of the iMbizo Regiment.
The sad and embarrassing thing is that Allan Wilson and his troops are buried at the sacred Matopo Hills where the homosexual Rhodes and his homosexual partner Dr Leander Star Jameson are also buried as the best representatives of British colonialism and white racism.
Yet nobody knows where General Mtshana Khumalo was buried!
It really is a shame!
What we should do as a nation of revolution, is just to remove the remains of these butchers of our people and anti-human-beings people and burn them, or send them back to Britain if they are wanted there by their museums, and the British should bring back to us the remains of our commanders like Mgandani and Gutu.
As the victors in the war of liberation, we should remove from the face of Zimbabwe, from any public place that is, any name or grave or statue of the British colonisers and racists and their missionaries like David Livingstone or so-called philanthropists like Alfred Beit, Beit was a personal friend of Rhodes’s who opened banking channels for Rhodes and exploited African labour to high heaven and raped African women to beyond heaven and still has one of our towns, Beitbridge, and halls named after him 34 years after independence!
After all, the US imperialists and their little British imperialists removed all Sadam Hussein’s names and statues in any corner or street of Iraq when they removed him from power, and Sadam Hussein was, like Idi Amin of Uganda, actually a US and British agent in the first place.
As for west European countries, they are all US agents or proxies, they are all US client states, none of them is independent of the US ruling class and its government, they are all murderous US neo-colonies; the US intelligence services control every party in Western Europe, Canada and Australia, all the leaders in these countries are US agents, if they are not, like one Australian Labour prime minister, they are removed from power one way or the other by US agents and NGOs.
On the same subject of US client states, Onyekachi Wambu, New African, No. 541, July 2014, wrote: “Is the perception of Africa still a client state of the West a reality?
“Let’s look elsewhere at a real client(/)master … relationship.
“The US has kept and underwritten peace and security in Europe, through its leading role in NATO.
“Its generals always head the critical military component of the alliance.
“But symbolism matters, and the obvious client relationship is obscured.
“Though the US largely pays for it, NATO’s headquarters is in Brussels, and its political head is always a European.
“The symbolism suggests a partnership, despite the unevenness of this partnership, as we saw in Libya conflict which relied overwhelmingly on the US military hardware.”
King Lobengula was never captured.
Zimbabweans say, “Inkosi uLobengula yanyamalala khonale emaguswini eLupane, leNkayi leBhinga” (“King Lobhengula disappeared somewhere in the Lupane-Nkayi-Binga jungles.”)
After the defeat of Wilson and Forbes, “according to my grandmother (she was about 12 years old at the time, Matshazi’s grandmother; and my own paternal grandmother, my father’s mother, uMangwenya, uNaMvinjwa, or uNaVi Mathema, was about 15 years old at the time, she used to tell us that when the whites invaded the country in 1890, her breasts were just beginning to show), the King mounted his horse, together with his few advisors, and disappeared in the direction of the Zambezi River, never to be seen again.
“He is said to have sworn that no whiteman was to touch his bones,” (Matshazi, 2008).
Some authorities, certainly those in the Eastern Province of Zambia, say in fact the king crossed the Zambezi River and settled in what is today’s Eastern Province of Zambia where there was another Nguni state or other Nguni states created by former military commanders Zwangendaba, Maseko and Nxaba, all of whom had left Zululand because of the mfecane upheavals.
The upheavals were made up of massive movements and displacements all along the coasts the Indian and Atlantic oceans of different peoples from one place to the other caused by the encroachment on their lands into the interior of southern Africa by the British, Portuguese and Dutch colonialists and racists who took over piece of land after piece of land eating into the continent and enslaved and raped the peoples whose land they invaded and grabbed with extreme brutality.
The colonisers claimed the king committed suicide somewhere in Binga.
The truth really is that the British and their proxy Rhodesians wanted the people to believe that the king had died at Pupu or somewhere near there so that he would never be used as the rallying point again for the anti-colonial struggle.
After all, the British troops sent to capture or kill His Majesty were wiped out by his troops.
Those British who managed to flee back to Bulawayo just did not know what had happened to the king.
None of them, who fled, fled with any proof that the king had died.
The Rhodesians loved to say that the king had committed suicide or had died of malaria or small pox, yet they did not have the flimsiest evidence for anything.
To be continued


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