Active agents needed for development


THIS week I start by borrowing from Dr Molefi Kete Asante: That great African American who speaks about a fundamental issue called Afrocentricty.
This is a paradigm based on the idea that African people should re-assert a sense of agency in order to achieve sanity.
Indeed, Africa needs that to achieve prosperity and posterity.
It has already done that, but there remains critical issues to do with the development of people’s livelihoods.
There remains the issue of economic empowerment and general upliftment of the people.
There remains issues of hunger, poverty and suffering.
There too remains issues of corruption and general disregard of the people’s will.
The people are any nation’s greatest asset but are often alienated by some leaders.
The independence that the continent currently enjoys came from the people.
But it is only political.
Independence is much more than the flag.
It is about enhancing the people’s capacity to provide for themselves and to be active participants in the socio-economic processes of their communities, society and their nation.
Real empowerment is not about a few individuals enjoying the country’s cake on everyone’s behalf.
Real empowerment is equitable distribution of the country’s natural resources to everyone.
Real empowerment is enhancing the capacity of individuals and opening up of opportunities for people to be active agents of their country’s prospects for economic development.
Reals empowerment is putting people at the centre of development, not alienating them from the empowerment agenda.
No nation can be built by a few individuals.
A nation is a net result of the people’s collective efforts.
A nation manifests itself through a united entity if everyone is allowed to play his/her role as equal partners with those who hold the levers of power.
A nation will always be fragile if it is in the hands of those who are not patriotic.
It will always be at the mercy of a few greedy individuals.
That is why any revolution needs to be supported by the people.
And the people have been there to support initiatives aimed at developing the country through peace and development.
The people have always been solidly behind the revolution.
On the other hand, the revolution itself has always produced new heroes of our time.
It has always delivered to the people their wishes, hopes and aspirations.
There is an issue happening in the country that needs to be probed and unravelled with the utmost attention it deserves.
In Zimbabwe, we have developed a certain kind of attitude that seems to be threatening to devour the very unity that we enjoy every day.
Our economy has for long been under siege from elements bent on antagonising the masses.
But that is an issue for another day.
Today I want to talk about an issue that I believe is critical in fostering development of the country and its economy.
I am talking about the country’s abundant human resource base.
We need active agents who can impart their knowledge to develop the country.
These agents are the bridge that will bind today to the future.


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