Africa, not Vimbai evicted Michael


VIMBAI MUTINHIRI, one of the two housemates representing Zimbabwe in Big Brother Amplified (BBA), could be said to be the author of Mozambican Michael’s downfall, but how true is that? Michael was evicted from the show last Sunday, becoming the third housemate to leave the game and leaving behind 22 housemates in both the Tails and Heads houses. There are a number of reasons why Vimbai is said to have been convinced to replace Hanni’s nomination with that Michael. As the head of the Heads house, she had the privilege to save fellow housemate Hanni. One of the main reasons which might have pushed Vimbai to nominate Michael is that he had accused her of being a spy sent by the Zimbabwean Government to BBA. He believed that as the daughter of a deputy minister, Vimbai had political scores to settle in BBA. The amazing thing is that although she was responsible for nominating Michael, she was not the one who had the ultimate decision to evict him. Africa votes and makes the final decision, hence Michael’s fate was determined by the whole continent. This, according to viewers, showed that many Africans did not believe his accusations against Vimbai and as a result saw it fit for him to leave the show. Despite putting Michael to the sword, Vimbai told BBA that she would miss Michael because he was a great cook. Weza also said she would miss Michael as he was the only other Portuguese speaking housemate. Michael was evicted because he had the least votes followed by Bernadina, who was moved to the Tails house. The Heads housemates were left in tears since the most interesting housemates in the house were no longer there. Meanwhile, speculation has been swirling in Zimbabwe on the identity of the second Zimbabwean housemate, Wendall. This was after viewers had noticed that Wendall had little knowledge about his country after confessing he was not aware of a place called Marange in Zimbabwe. It was, however, revealed that Wendall left the country in 2009 for his flying course in Australia. He came back to try his luck with Air Zimbabwe and ended up auditioning for BBA. He is the son of Zimbabwean single parent, Gillian Jackson, who lives in Newlands. Wendall has survived nomination for eviction since the beginning of the show. Three Tails housemates have been nominated and are up for possible eviction this Sunday. The nominated housemates are Miss P, Bhoke and Ernest. Danny, who was the head of the house, followed in Vimbai’s footsteps by switching Luclay and putting Miss P up in his place.


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