All for the motherland


LAST time I was talking about the need for our young to be innovative.

And this week I continue with the message, especially as the country’s leadership continues to call and provide space for our youths to shine.

As they innovate and shine, our young should not forget who they are.

Self-identity remains critical in all our endeavours, knowing who we are is important.

Self-knowledge is critical as we rekindle the Zimbabwean spirit.

Our youths are being targeted by our detractors.

Youths are a target because they are the future.

Our enemies never rest and they will pretend to love our children more than us.

And it is sad when our people become willing accomplices in an effort to destroy our children, our future.

After leaving institutions of higher learning, our children have become adults.

And it is important that they appreciate and know that, which makes us a people.

Our children must know that sacrifices have to be made, pain endured in the process of achieving our grand dreams.

Our children must know that in our language, our proverbs, our customs, our folklore and our history therein lies who we are, our identity.

From the First Chimurenga through the Second Chimurenga to the Third Chimurenga, where we repossessed our land, to indigenisation of the economy, we have all pulled in one direction.

A country will go far, successfully determine its future, history and identity provided the youths of that nation are ready to defend and carry on with programmes of development.

The older generations must guide, direct and support the young through explaining our values and ideologies so that the youths believe in their own country.

The Rhodesians ushered the Boy Scout Movement as a measure to inculcate British values among youths and the movement still exists in Zimbabwe.

The cornerstone of Scout Law was ‘God save the Queen’ and every young person was loyal to the British Crown.

Serving the country is an obligation for everyone who takes pride in being Zimbabwean.

We must clearly spell out our values, national ethos and vision for the future to build patriotic youths.

Our ancestors and heroes who laid down their lives in defence of this nation remain important, today and forever.

The onslaught against our country is relentless.

The West wants to break us. We cannot be Africa’s example.

Our erstwhile colonisers want us to fail; want us to go back to them, cap-in-hand, apologise and invite them back.

That will never happen and our young are critical players in the fight to defend and protect what is ours.

It is time we all come to the defence of the motherland. Zimbabwe is bigger than all its political parties.
We all must be patriots who will stick to their guns.

And we will not tire repeating that not so long ago, were people who stood firm until we attained independence, young people who fought tooth and nail.

Children born when sanctions were imposed in 2000 are now becoming players in the country; children of that time are now adults. All these have a duty to the motherland. And we, the adults, must guide them and show them the Dzimbahwe way. We all have skills that are the envy of the world, we do — we are Zimbabweans after all. 

But how are we deploying and using them? Let us use these skills to advance the cause of the nation. Let us not allow ourselves to be used for money and by forces bent on destroying us.


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