All is not well with Zim-Praise


WITH an 80-member choir of diverse denominations and beliefs, it is not surprising that Zim-Praise has been involved in ‘controversies’ and ‘power’ struggles.
Members have walked out to form own groups or embark on solo careers and some have been involved in love scandals.
For instance, choir member Lloyd Tevedzai was last year embroiled in a social network scandal where it was alleged he dumped his fiancé to appease his mistress on facebook.
Founder member, Joseph Madziire has been accused of being a serial dater with choir members, though he denies the allegation.
Some members have also accused the group management of favouritism in selecting members that go on international tours.
It is reported that last year, out of the 80 members, only 30 left for the United Kingdom tour.
One of its strong leading members, Marbel Madondo, left the group late last year to form a 50-member choir called Thousand Voices amid claims of dissatisfaction.
While Madondo would not go into details as to why she left the group, it appears she is among those said to have been in the group to gain exposure.
And sources indicate that the ‘amicable’ split might soon turn nasty as Madondo is alleged to have taken songs from Zim-Praise to her new group Thousand Voices.
She is currently touring the country, scouting for new talent for her group.
Meanwhile, Zim-Praise, the ‘Sungano’ hit-maker choral group, is set to hold auditions for an additional 100 members.
“Each year we have new talent, but this time, the Zim-Praise Academy will be conducting a six-month workshop to train the new members,” executive choir director, Israel Sevenzo, said.
According to Sevenzo, during the six-month training period, the new members receive counselling and mentorship on character and conduct expected of Christian fellowship.
The group cancelled auditions that were to be held this weekend as they are yet to get the 500 participants from which 100 will be chosen.
Some of the 100 will be part of the choir’s DVD album to be launched in July at a seven-day festival.
“Qualifying for the top 100 does not mean they will automatically be in the choir,” Sevenzo said.
“They will be given scholarships to be trained at the Zim-Praise Academy of Music, where they will have to apply to join the choir.”


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