Andy Brown’s widow battles on


IT’S been two years since the passing on of the legendary Andy Brown and life for those he left behind has been full of mixed fortune.
More attention has been paid to the daughter he left behind Ammara, not that she is the only child that the musician, affectionately known as Muzukuru, had but that like her father she is musical.
But his widow Nadine has refused to be relegated into oblivion.
She is one woman who is determined to keep the legacy of her husband alive and to present herself as a fully fledged musician capable of making it on her own.
In her late twenties Nadine is refusing to let hardships associated with being a widow with a family to look after take toll.
Nadine Stoddart-Brown, a musician in her own right, chose to put her career on hold and for eight years kept house.
A brilliant scholar she also put her studies on hold.
And funds permitting she says she will go back to school while pursuing music.
Life has not been rosy for her, the fame and brilliance of Andy has not been able to make life any smooth.
Valiantly she tries to hide the pain and sadness that is still evident in her eyes.
She states clearly that she no longer wants to talk about her family problems in the media, but her single Ndazvitadza highlights the artiste’s resignation and domestic situation.
In a bid for a fresh start Nadine has since dropped her late husband’s surname.
“I feel that I have a lot to offer as a musician and I want people to look at me and credit me on my individual talent,” she said.
Now under the guidance of music promoter Robert Zhuwao, who is also her manager, Nadine hopes to take another shot at her career.
Nadine has become a permanent fixture at Zhuwao’s Red Fox Hotel night club performing on Saturdays.
After a lot of bickering in the family as to who will take over Andy Brown’s band ‘The Storm’ Nadine now has her own backing band called The Red Radicals provided by her management.
However, Nadine remains closely connected to Andy and revealed that she had reopened the late maestro’s home studio Shakaza.
It was that home studio that Andy Brown produced three best-selling albums.
As a mother of two, Nadine feels operating from home will allow her to spend more time with her children something very difficult in the music industry.
The dreadlocked singer said she was working on an album.
To date the budding musician has only produced singles.
“I am currently working on an album which will probably be done by month end. I was not able to record anything as I experienced a writer’s block,” Nadine said.
“I am feeling the pressure because people have been waiting and some are beginning to have doubts but l assure them that an album is not far from being released,” Nadine said.
Performance is not something new to Nadine who at times would back Andy on vocals.
Nadine’s singles produced in collaboration with award winning Mic Inity and Bounty Lisa have received fair play.
Nadine revealed that although she considers herself a reggae singer she was also venturing dabbling into dancehall where she goes with the moniker Lady Fire.
“As soon as funds permit l will be releasing my album but right now l am still trying to sell my brand and music to the people.
“I usually title my music to reflect my mood and I am yet to title the forthcoming album,” Nadine said.


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