Another American cheap propaganda piece


No Easy Day (2012)

By Mark Owen with

Kevin Mauer

Penguin books publication


MAY 2 2011 the American seal team-six entered the supposed compound of the worlds’ most notorious ‘terrorist’ Osama bin Laden in Abottabad Pakistan.

Blood and brains spilled out of the right side of his skull,” writes Matt Owen in his book No Easy Day.

In his death throes, he was still twitching and convulsing.

Another assaulter and I trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds. “The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless,”

Matt Bissonnette who writes under the pseudonym Mark Owen was one of the SEALs that delivered the fatal shots in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

The Abbottabad mission was special.

The 2012 presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was gaining momentum.

Poll ratings in favour of Obama were low, rating at 45 to 47 percent, and after May 5, two days after Bin Laden’s death, he scored his highest since 2009 with 56 percent.

But the American world never paraded the pictures of Bin Laden’s body like they had done with Saddam and Gaddafi.

It is also interesting to note that the helicopter carrying the team, a Black Hawk, crashed near the target.

It is interesting how despite the crash in Osama’s vicinity, the Saudi Arabian born al Qaeda, was caught and killed off guard.

I took each weapon down and pulled out the magazine and checked the chambers,” Owen writes.

They were both empty.

He hadn’t prepared a defense.

He had no intention of fighting.

Bin Laden knew we were coming, he heard the helicopter.”

Those who are discerning then ask, why did Bin Laden relax when he knew a war was coming his way?

Why did he not bother loading his weapon?

Most importantly, why did he not flee as he was supposed to have done all along?

The answer shocking as it may be is simple.

Bin Laden, also known as ‘Tim Osman’, was one of them.

Trained by the CIA, Bin Laden made a mistake as many others before him, an error made by people like Muammar Gadaffi who assumed they were comrades in arms, friends even.

Each day the world is fed lies and propaganda from the Western media.

There exists this persistent unhealthy belief that the Western media is accurate, balanced and fair.

Lying comes naturally to most of them and that is why local British Ambassador Deborah Bronnert did not even blink on Sky News as she spoke on the fabled 10 000 assisted voters during the June 31 elections.

After all, her government up to this day takes credit for ending slavery under human rights concerns while the truth is that slavery was no longer a viable means of enriching themselves.

It is expensive to run an empire and no one knows that better than the Americans who are in a 16 trillion debt due to their so-called ‘wars on terror’.

Barak Obama’s ‘we will not rest until the whole world has democracy’ which has seen the US deposing ‘dictators’ the world over, in areas where they stand to economically benefit, has been costly for the Americans.

When one searches for Al Qaeda on the internet they will discover that it is alleged to receive sponsorship from Saudi Arabia, an American ally, a fact emphasised by American whistle blower John Perkins.

When one listens to the daily dish of Western propaganda, they will hear that America and its allies are raring to fight against President Assad in Syria in support of the Al Qaeda backed rebels.

The Americans and the British are yet to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but Saddam was tried and executed.

From Panama’s President Manuel Noriega in 1989 to Libyan Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the American administrations, and even earlier, have always demonstrated publicly the consequences of disobeying their will.

We just killed the number one terrorist in the world,” writes Owen in his book No Easy Day.

The author, an American navy seal takes the reader through his military training that is characterised by ‘brutal beach runs’ and training with ‘sixty pounds of body amour and gear strapped on your chest’.

Born to missionary parents in Alaska, the author tells us about his love for guns that began at elementary school.

My parents never let me play with toy guns because by the time I finished with elementary school, I was carrying a 22 rifle,” he writes.

From an early age, I knew the responsibility of handling a firearm.”

Ironically, his parents, who had taught him to use guns at such an early age, did not want him to join the military.

I told my parents my plan to enlist,” says Owen.

My parents weren’t pleased.

My mother didn’t let me play with G. Joe or other military toys when I was younger because they were too violent.”

Hence from the onset the reader is availed the opportunity to either believe or question the patriotic Seal’s story.

He provides his credentials and successes in the decade long war with ‘terrorism’ based mainly on the September 11 attack which Washington refused to investigate, but simply tell the world it was Al Qaeda.

Owen’s story is another cheap propaganda piece that does not hold water especially in light of revelations by the likes of Bradley Manning.

Manning, an American soldier was recently sentenced to life for exposing the brutality of the so-called elite forces, blows to smithereens these claims of heroism.

The American forces are simply murderers that now try to justify their dastardly acts in ‘romantic’ war stories.


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