Answer me ‘Wacko Jacko’!


DEAR Michael Jackson, aka ‘Wacko Jacko’.
You hated your skin colour so much you opted for plastic surgery in order to look like a whiteman (or is it woman)?
You were black, but ended up looking like some white terrible creature.
I think your nose was even falling off and you underwent numerous surgeries to fix it before you passed on.
Yes, you were a legendary musician who churned out melodies appealing to the world, but my black brother, wherever you are, do you realise the consequences of your actions while you were alive?
Believe it or not, you even made our women hate the way they looked? You are one of the many people who actually influenced many people, women included, to want to look white.
Do you realise they bleach their skin, thereby damaging the melanin in them?
Do you realise some of our African women now look like ‘Zebras’. They are now black and white just because they want to be white just like what you did.
I am your black brother Michael, but I differ with what you did – trying to evade the blackness in you!
White is not, and will never be, the way to go for us as black people.
Why, why, why, Wacko Jacko?
Wakatilani tjinhu tjakajalo mfowethu?
Wakwenzelani lokho?
Ngicela ungiphendule.

Yours truly,
Philasande Mandla Malinga.


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