Anti-sanctions campaign: De-colonisation of mind


THE battle to free people’s minds mental colonialism has now be-
come a sophisticated warfare that requires the bold to conquer, Media, Information and Publicity Minister Cde Webster Shamu has said. Addressing thousands of people who had gathered to attend an anti-sanctions mass rally in Headlands yesterday, Cde Shamu said the country no longer had room for the weak in the fight for people’s total empowerment as imperialists had upped the tempo in their quest to re-colonise Zimbabwe. He said for Zimbabwe to achieve this goal of freeing the mind there was need for unity so that the enemy would not infiltrate through the backdoor. “Zimbabwe has been at war and Zimbabwe is still at war and this war is to free the minds of its people so that we may realise development,” said Cde Shamu. “What is important is for the majority to understand that this war is now a war of the intellect and it requires those who are able to listen and learn the ways of our country and the ways of our culture so that we may defeat the enemy. “Since independence the enemy has not relented and is still waging a relentless battle against our peo-
ple and the country’s leadership.” Cde Shamu said Zimbabweans
and the rest of the progressive world should make it clear that the Thousands of people attended the Manicaland Province anti-sanctions rally held in Headlands. country is under illegal economic sanctions that were causing untold suffering to the majority. “We should all be clear on the sanctions issue that they are illegal and the keyword in this issue is “illegal” which means they were not done in accordance with United Nations conventions say,” he said. Speaking at the same occasion, ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa called for unity among Zimbabweans. He said it was high time that
some Zimbabweans took note of the fact that sanctions were affecting everyone and that they were not targeted as often claimed by some people. “The issue of sanctions is very
serious and it is high time that we educate some of us who claim that they are targeted against some citizens of the country. They are not and they are affecting everyone in the country, so we need to unite as a people to defeat them,” he said. Zimbabwe was put under sanctions by the United States and the European Union in 2001 and 2002 respectively in protest against the
land reform programme of 2000. The anti-sanctions campaign is intended to solicitt wo million signatures of ordinary Zimbabweans to say the sanctions are not targeted at a few individuals but at the entire population of the country and must be removed.


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