Anti-Sanctions march, the aftermath


THE overwhelming message from the Anti-Sanctions march is that Zimbabwe and, indeed, Africa, deserves a chance in the global community to operate unencumbered.

This is a chance that this country has been denied by Western powers who believe it is only their word and wishes that must prevail.

Some even believe they can still regain control of our country.

It appears they cannot come to terms with the fact that Zimbabwe is firmly in control of its resources and future.

Apparently, control and ownership of these resources is a crime in the eyes of the West as we have seen by their reaction to every effort of ours to turn around our fortunes.

We will not relent in our fight against the sanctions.

We will continue until they are removed.

And that fight, which was ably supported by other African nations, must not end through the events that took place on Friday last week.

There are many things that need to be done so as to push for the removal of those sanctions.

With Africa on our side, we should take our issue to the United Nations.

We should take our fight to every progressive bloc and country across the globe.

Sadly, and as expected, there are those who chose to be on the side of imperialism.

That is their choice.

The good thing is that their actions only help to expose them and their bad politics.

Sanctions affect everyone.

They destroy our economy regardless of political affiliation.

They divide the nation.

That is what was on exhibition on Friday.

One hopes that those who were fervently supporting the sanctions were alive to their evil.

Africa and the progressive forces of the world are on Zimbabwe’s side for a reason.

The bullying tendencies of the so-called big brothers have ceased to be a joke and are seriously affecting many nations, especially the so-called Third World countries.

Africa and the rest of developing nations can no longer afford to be subsumed by the whims of imperialism.

There is now need for equality across the board in global political and economic affairs.

There is now need, urgently and rightfully so, for the African voice to be heard on the global scene.

The African continent itself must now assert its authority as the future of the world.

It must now refuse to bow to the exploitation that it has been subjected to for centuries.

We are the people.

We are the future.

More research on the effects of the sanctions must be conducted by our academics.

In the same vein, our technical institutions and other stakeholders must come up with ideas that can help politicians counter the sanctions.

The starting point would be on climate change and how it is affecting the agricultural sector.

We need new ideas on seed varieties that are drought resistant.

These would help in increased productivity and yields in the farms.

There are several other low hanging fruits that can be harvested by Government.

For instance we could invest heavily in the arts and sport sectors.

That way we can easily generate the much needed foreign currency for our industry.

Let us not relent and continue our fight against sanctions…


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