Appeal to Government


EDITOR – I AM in tears as I write this letter and I hope it will see the light of day.
My concern is the current chaos in the economy in particular.
While I believe there is indeed an element of sabotage and manipulation of figures, there is so much that Government can do to stop this madness.
A friend of mine could not be treated at a local hospital this week after he had suffered an attack from a chronic ailment that has been affecting him over the past few years.
The hospital wanted US dollars only.
Last week, pharmacies and some medical service centres either closed shop or were charging in US dollars.
I hear Government availed a
US$7 million package to the Ministry of Health and Child Care for the procurement of medicines, so why are we still being charged in US dollars when we contribute monthly to our medical aid providers?
Who will give us the US dollars to pay for the greedy medical service providers?
Surely how can our medical aid be redundant overnight?
My appeal to the authorities is for them to intervene as a matter of urgency and I sincerely hope this plea will reach the ears of the relevant authorities.


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