Are all water suppliers licensed?


EDITOR — The water shortages that have hit most urban areas have resulted in the emergence of various companies selling bulk water to residents.

Some of these companies are selling genuine purified water but it seems some are not adhering to the stipulated standards.

It is important that relevant authorities monitor these companies to ensure that citizens are getting safe water.

It is not rare to see water company vehicles fetching water from unprotected water sources in and around Harare.

It is not clear whether they will then process the water or sell it as it is.

I have seen a number of disgruntled customers who purchase bulk water and are not pleased with the product.

May the relevant authorities do a follow up.

I even suspect that many of these water suppliers are not licensed operators.

It appears that anyone who has access to a bowser can get into the business of supplying water to desperate households.

Maybe, there should be an operation to find out if all these operators are licensed to supply water to citizens, otherwise we have a disaster waiting to happen.

May Harare City Council work on the water issue to avoid the situation whereby people end up resorting to buying bulk water, which isn’t safe in some instances. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Warren Park.


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