Are Rhodies on the road to Damascus?: Part Two


WHEN Mathew Smith announced the formation of a group called Zimbabweans Against Sanctions on February 17 2014 and stated that an official launch would take place the following month, he cited several reasons and some of these were:
l that time has come for Zimbabwe to take its rightful and deserved place as part of the international community;
l that sanctions, whether targeted or smart, were hurting everyone, including white people whose cause sanctions were ostensibly designed to promote;
l that the anti-sanctions lobby was being formed to provide a platform for all ordinary Zimbabwean voices to encourage them to join them, be heard and contribute to the nation’s future development and secure the future Zimbabwean generation etc!
In fact, going through all of the reasons cited in Mathew Smith’s statement, one finds that they are all sensible and logical to a point of being almost persuasive as one is hard put to find fault with any one of them!
On further reflection, however, what appears to be a watertight project comes crumbling down on the issue of timing!
The key question here is: If these Rhodies have all along been well meaning and patriotic as they now sound, why did they keep silent for over a decade when the economy of the country was under siege and imploding because of Western sanctions?
Surely these Rhodies who now claim to be white Zimbabweans knew all along that these sanctions were having a devastating effect on people’s savings, on pensions, insurance policies, on medical aid, health delivery systems, transport, education, agriculture, careers – practically on everything that promotes and sustains life?
Why did these Rhodies wait for so long when their nation was tittering on the brink of total collapse and chaos?
In fact, to talk about their silence is to give them credit where they deserve none, more so when Heath Streak went out of his way to mourn loudly and long about the alleged death of democracy in Zimbabwe and did it from the cricket pitch itself!
Streak and his Anglo-Saxon allies actively participated in the demonisation and isolation of Zimbabwe for many years — and this, in turn, led to the deaths of thousands as diseases like cholera broke out and took their toll on a vulnerable population at a time when the government was at its weakest!
Aiding the enemy in a manner which causes death is something that would automatically attract treason charges in almost all Western countries!
There is abundant evidence both in electronic and print form which shows that most members of this anti-sanctions lobby actively went out of their way to work hard and long against national interests and that they did this with the active support of Zimbabwe’s enemies, top among them the British and the Americans who, as the whole world knows, are infamous for enslaving Africans for centuries!
The implied message which Mathew Smith and Heath Streak are ashamed to say loud and clear is that they have now seen the light!
They now want us to believe that they are ready to forsake their sinful ways, like Saul, who became Paul, on his way to Damascus!
The least they should have done in the circumstances is to disclose in full and formally acknowledge their treasonous activities and ask for forgiveness in a manner which shows genuine repentance from their satanic ways!
And this should have been done well before the setting up of the so-called Zimbabweans Against Sanctions!
There is a serious debate here about their activities against the national interest which these Rhodies are trying to circumvent in the hope that Zimbabweans are a gullible people without a memory about the past, let alone lessons from that past!
In light of observations cited above, it becomes logical that their unsaid repentance by the anti-sanctions lobby remains fake, a self-serving and deceptive strategy designed to re-locate Rhodies in a superficial publicity sense onto the right side of history!
What Rhodies now realise is that they worked hard and for long against their own long term interests with misguided assistance from Britain and the West.
What Rhodies may not know is that this shameful history of betrayal is written about not specifically in the laws of Zimbabwe, but in the hearts and minds of its people and indeed in the soul of current and future generations to come!
The best they can do for now is to smuggle themselves onto the right side of things, make the right moral noises in the hope that all goes well for them!
But of course, nothing will go away just like a bad dream does since in Zimbabwe’s past and present, Rhodies continue to have African blood on their hands!
Of significance here is that Rhodies are attempting to be clever in so far as their anti sanctions lobby is expected to market them to current and future generations in Zimbabwe!
The aim — to make Rhodies appear as having played a positive role at a time when it mattered most when in fact they did not!
What they are doing is simply part of an imperial template which Europeans have used before vis-a-vis Africa.
For instance, Europeans cannot deny that they enslaved Africans for centuries, colonised the same for over a century!
But today, they are masquerading as champions against human rights abuses in Africa when in fact their record on this is the worst in the whole world!
In South Africa, whites today also masquerade as experts on democracy, human rights and constitutionalism when in fact their apartheid record on such matters is no better than Adolf Hitler’s!
Whites in general, especially those residing in Africa, have found it very difficult to regard blacks as normal human beings who deserve to be compensated for all wrongs done to them!
Accordingly, Rhodies feel Africans do not deserve any apologies.
In fact, they still believe blacks still need white leadership as demonstrated by Mathew Smith who in his statement is now inviting, ‘all ordinary voices’ in Zimbabwe to join his anti-sanctions lobby group — as if the government does not exist!
He also feels that it is now time for Zimbabwe to occupy its rightful place as part of the international community, as if to imply that 1980 did not matter really!
Similar racist sentiments about the need for white leadership in Africa also inform the political vision of Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa!
In brief, Rhodies like Mathew Smith and Heath Streak are behaving according to the dictates of an imperial template as if it is simply a matter of self-marketing and cleverness when in fact what is needed now and in future, that is, if whites are to survive for long in Africa, is humility, truth and wisdom!


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