Are white people really in the Bible?


ARE white people really in the Bible?
Let us read the Bible closely and hear what it says.
We shall use the King James Version.
The reason for reading the Bible ourselves is because right from the time when the Bible came to us, we didn’t read it ourselves to find out whether what the white priests said was in the Bible was really there or not.
We simply followed what they said like sheep.
Talking of sheep; this reminds us of when we were herdboys.
Two of us would stretch a rope just a little above the ground, one holding each end.
The others would round up the sheep and force them to jump the rope.
When the first sheep had jumped, we removed the rope and watched the rest of the sheep jump where there was no rope.
They simply assumed the rope was there since their leader had jumped.
This is what Africans do with the Bible.
They simply assumed white priests told the truth without finding out for themselves.
By the time we came to read the Bible as Africans, we were already conditioned to what white priests had said, and did not really listen to the Bible.
Contradicting white priests was never taken lightly.
It was and is regarded as blasphemy or heresy which condemns one to hell.
So we would rather listen to what priests say, not what the Bible says.
As an African proverb says: We became like flies that are feeding on a corpse and refuse to let go, but follow the corpse to the grave until they are buried with it.
Now, let us listen to what the Bible says rather than the white priests.
We will begin with the story of Moses.
He could have been killed as a child by Pharaoh if he were a white baby when he was found hidden in a basket near a river by Pharaoh’s daughter.
He could also not have been raised by Pharaoh if he were not an Egyptian baby.
The question that arises from this is: “How come he is portrayed as white in Church pictures and films about him?”
The Bible also says Moses married Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro, the Ethiopian.
How come Moses’ children with an Ethiopian woman are portrayed as white in Church pictures and films about him and his descendants?
Here is another example.
Where is the Garden of Eden?
Here is what the Bible says: “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden. There he put the man he had formed. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden. From there it was parted and became into four heads (Gen. 2:8-14).”
The name of the first river is ‘Pison’.
It encompasses the whole land of Havilah.
The name of the second is ‘Gihon’.
It encompasses the whole land of Ethiopia.
The name of the third is the ‘Hiddekel’.
It goes toward east Assyria.
The fourth is ‘Euphrates’.
Now, the geographical location of the Garden on the world map, according to the Bible, is where one of the rivers, the Hiddekel, surrounds the whole land of Ethiopia.
And Ethiopia on the world map is in Africa not Europe.
That is the truth that sets us free!
Anything else is hallucination.
With that truth in our minds, there is no way a garden surrounded by a river in Ethiopia could be found in Europe or anywhere else in the world except in Ethiopia or Africa, as the Bible says.
There is also no logical reason whatsoever for God to go to Europe to find the clay with which to mould the first man and then bring that man and put him in a garden in Ethiopia.
Such a thought cannot be ascribed to God, but to those who want to mislead us into believing that the first man that God created was white.
The truth, according to the Bible is that the first man God created was formed from the clay of Eden or Africa and that man could not belong to the white race in Europe by any stretch of the imagination.
Here is yet another example from the Bible.
Joseph was sold by his brothers into Egypt.
He was given to Pharaoh who raised him as his own son and later rose to the high position of custodian of the grain in Egypt.
Nobody identified him as a whiteman in black Egypt.
His own brothers could not distinguish him from black Egyptians (Genesis 45:1; 39:1-5).
How could his brothers fail to distinguish him from black Egyptians if he and them, were white?
Here is the last example for the purposes of this article, for there are many.
The Bible says Jesus and his parents went to seek asylum in Egypt when they ran away from Herod (Mathew 2:13).
They lived there among the blacks for 33 years without anyone distinguishing them as different from black Egyptians.
Could this be possible if they were white?
Africans who believe white priests would of course try to find all kinds of excuses, explanations and interpretations of the Bible, to stick to what white priests say, unto their grave.
But there are those who are willing to wake up to the truth.
This article was first published on September 11 2015 in The Patriot.



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