Arts professionalised


IN an effort to improve artist competitiveness in the country, the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) will this Saturday launch the National Culture Week under the theme ‘Professionalising the Arts’. From 2011 and beyond, the organisation is calling on artistes, corporate sectors, Government and people in Zimbabwe to unite and focus on this goal in an effort to improve the quality of the arts in Zimbabwe. NACZ is set to lead the nation in commemorating the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development which falls on May 21. It is a day when countries and communities hold commemorative events to showcase their cultures, unique as they are, but being part of the world culture, which needs to be preserved for posterity. The day also promotes the peaceful co-existence of diverse cultures. Speaking to The Patriot last week, NAC Marketing and Communications Manager Tafadzwa Chidoori said the theme for the event was formulated after the realisation that the arts industry was expanding. “The number of artistes in the country is growing because of the talent being realised, so we need to help artistes improve their business conduct.” he said. “This is a step towards improving the quality of products produced by the artistes and their competitiveness.” The Patriot can reveal that after the national official launch of the culture week, other subsequent provincial launches countrywide were set for this week up to May 21 2011. Chidoori also said it was time to professionalise the creative industries by also formalising their operations in order to give them an equal market space and prominence. “There is need for the artistes to become professionals in the way they do business, even in the way they present their products because a professionalised sector will be productive, organised and competitive,” said Chidoori. “This year’s celebrations will see various exhibitions, music, dance, theatre, poetry, drama from Hwahwa School of Arts, Zgapfuka Performing Arts and Chikumbiro Traditional Dance to help people celebrate the various different types of arts and cultures existing in Zimbabwe.”


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