Auctioning of Zim property in SA condemned

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THIS week a South African court ruling enforced the auctioning of a Zimbabwean government property in Cape Town, South Africa, as compensation to farms taken from whites during the land redistribution exercise.
The property was auctioned for
US$281 500, and some international newspapers and media saw it as symbolic victory for white farmers who lost their land in Zimbabwe. Their lawyer, Willie Spies, said: “This is a symbolic victory and we will pursue other commercial properties owned by Zimbabwe.”
I am not a legal expert and will not dwell on the legalities of the matter, but many Africans from all over the world, condemn the move by the South African court, with many people commenting on social media, condemning both the South African courts and government. They are questioning whether the courts, and South African judicial system, represent the views of black people. Some argue that the move embarrasses the South African government itself, and not Zimbabwe, as what the Western media would want to portray.
I took the following comments from different social media forums, as Africans from all over the world reacted to the auctioning of the Zimbabwean property.
Nelson Chidhuza (commenting on a Newsday post) said: “It’s a shame to South African government, not Zimbabwean Government, there is nothing wrong losing a property in foreign land than losing your property in your motherland. Our Government took the land from the whites and gave it to the blacks, its citizens, not foreigners. Whether or not all benefitted, but still the Government did it for us Zimbabweans.”
Sims Simbutau; “Silly post as usual. Go to Britain and see if you can see a black Zimbabwean that can brag that I own this land and I can do what I will with it, you will be deported uchisiya zvese ikoko without any compensation. Shame is on the South African government for being used to fight their own kindred because they want favours and money from the white community. Ivhu kuvanhu, no going back and soon the whole Africa is taking its land back, watch the space. Ngavauye kuno vazoda kutengesa properties in Zimbabwe uone kumhanya kwavanoita. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans only if those whites are Zimbabweans then they should have been ready to share the land, but they are not that’s why vachititoda kubhadharwa kunge vakabva kuBritain nevhu nezvidhina nemvura yekuvakisa.”
Webster Chiruka: “It has to be humiliating not only to the Government but to Zimbabweans at large that a sovereign country continues to be bullied by an illegal system in a country that is supposed to protect our interests. It’s a shame really! To add insult to injury those Boers never paid a cent for the farms on which they thrived by enslaving the locals. We will definitely have our day!!”
Israel Mateu blames the South African government for not doing enough to protect the Zimbabwean property. He said: “The South African government should have protected and objected the sale of such (a) property… what happened shows that the SA government is still in the apartheid era.”
Hazel Chiname: “Let’s hope this auctioning of Zimbabwe’s properties in foreign land ends there. What if we wake up one morning to hear Zimbabwe has been auctioned?”
Commenting on BBC Africa, TarumbetaYa Bwana (Las Vegas, Nevada) wrote: “South Africa is a big fool within Africa. How can it allow a property to be sold yet it’s legitimately owned by Zimbabwe? SA is a democracy for whites.”
Martin Jacques (Germany) commenting on BBC Africa says: “… And these evictions were illegal… the blacks should not have taken over Zimbabwe… it was better under white rule.”
Kwame Maxwell (BBC Africa forum) wrote: “That is why it’s a country (South Africa) without a name…”
Timbigamba Simon (Kampala, Uganda) wrote: “In the first case these white farmers had also acquired the land illegally so why compensate them
South Africa should copy Mugabe’s land reform policy to promote equality
Long live Mugabe long live Africa.”
Udoh Enobong Enobong (Student at University of Calabar): “Seize illegally, was their grandparent from Zimbabwe, their grandparent did seize the land from the innocent black ancestor. And as for BBC, you are just the mouthpieces of British foreign policy.”
Collin Mo Nduna (On BBC Africa forum): “Let me write this in caps I AM PROUDLY ZIMBABWEAN, love us or hate us, poor governance, this or that we shall rise again. Every country has its moment to fall or to rise, this is true to Great Depression of America, Germany, Japan, Greece, etc. The best thing about my Zimbabwe is that education doors are flung open to anyone that someday we are going to fix things with the smartest weapon ‘Knowledge’.”
Kiplangat Leonard (On BBC Africa forum): “Am an African but today I am personally declaring South Africa to be, “a white man’s country with oppressive laws against Africans and their own resources. Such a ruling is a shame, however, which Africans claim or own any property in EUROPE or US? That ruling is nonsense and African leaders should delete South Africa from AU list immediately.”


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