BBA: Will Zimbos feel cheated again?


BIG Brother Amplified (BBA) continues to generate interest among Zimbabweans who still feel cheated in the previous edition of the show which featured Munyaradzi Chidzonga, known by some as the ‘Diamond Boy’. As the days go by, Zimbabwe’s two contestants in this year’s edition, Vimbai Mutinhiri and Wendall Parson, remain contenders for the final prize in a show which Big Brother says for the first time will yield two winners. While Zimbabwe’s hope lies in Vimbai and Wendall, there is no guarantee that the two will not be cheated in the finale like what happened to Chidzonga. Chidzonga was tipped to win the last edition of Big Brother Amplified having survived eviction nine times and the fear of deserving housemates being sidelined from the final prize because they are Zimbabwean continues to haunt Zimbabweans. It is rumoured that the organiser has continuously used BBA as a platform to advance its interests in Nigeria where they have huge business interests. BBA winners of season four and five respectively, Kevin Pam Chuwang and Uti Nwachukwu were from Nigeria. Zimbabweans who criticised the show, however, said there was a possibility of Zimbabwe scooping the jackpot. BBA, they said, was a project where the organisers of the show may want to make the current show different by ensuring that for the first time, a white African scoops the prize. “Yes Munya should have won the last time, but I guess something clandestine really happened and he ended up coming home empty-handed,” said Caroline Sibanda from Arcadia in Harare. “Though this time BBA is not as captivating as the previous ones, I feel Zimbabwe stands a good chance. “Wendall has not been nominated so far for eviction and the fact that he is white may actually play to our advantage.” Last week Sunday saw the departure of Ghana’s Confidence after being nominated by Vimbai, who was also on the eviction list. In the last eviction show in the ‘Heads’ house, the vibrant Zimbabwean lady nominated Michael from Mozambique who was duly sent packing. Vimbai nominated Confidence, who had earlier testified that she was missing her child, aunt and dogs back home. Meanwhile, the ‘Heads’ house is becoming gloomy everyday as more exciting and intriguing housemates have left. The house has lost Bernadina from Namibia who was sent to the ‘Tails’ house while Angola’s Weza has followed her footsteps this week. Michael is probably busy with hairdressing in Mozambique now while Confidence is already attending to her patrons at her nightclub back home in Ghana. As the show continues, Zimbabweans keep their fingers crossed that Wendall and Vimbai remain in the game and bring home the US$200 000. One Tanatswa Marembo from Bindura said: “Yes Africa may vote, but to some extent the final decision rests with the organisers and who knows Zimbabwe may win or lose out. “Your guess is as good as mine especially with Wendall in the game.”


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