Be cautious with sexual stimulants


IN a bid to seek sexual pleasure, some men resort to using stimulants to ‘enhance’ performance and lately there has been a proliferation of drugs that are being used without advice from health practitioners.
This practice poses serious danger to health. Many of the drugs have serious side-effects depending on the state of one’s health.
Stimulants are being consumed to remedy things such as erectile dysfunction, female sexual dissatisfaction, penis enlargement, breast enlargement and to increase libido.
Drugs such as Viagra are regarded as medication because of the mineral supplements they contain which correct the balance of hormones in the body.
Of major concern has been the distribution of sexual stimulants on the black-market.
Studies have shown that the misuse and abuse of these sexual enhancers can lead to serious problems such as permanent erectile dysfunction and in some instances death.
A licenced vendor, who sells herbal sexual stimulants in Harare said both herbal and ‘processed’ drugs had side effects.
He said it was unfortunate that there were unauthorised vendors who were giving clients wrong drugs and information.
“The fact is that people are experiencing serious side effects after consuming both herbal and ‘processed’ drugs from unauthorised sources who cannot advise them accordingly,” said the vendor.
“We have been approved by the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (ZINATHA) and the Traditional Medical Practitioner’s Council (TMPC) to deal in the drugs we supply, but there are those that literally do not know what they are doing.”
It was critical, he said, to check for certificates of approval from suppliers.
“Genuine practitioners must be in a position to carry out rudimentary checks and ask questions pertaining to one’s health before the drugs are issued,” said the vendor.
“For instance, the history of one’s blood pressure must be noted as some of these drugs might induce a heart attack.”
Incidences that have been experienced also include cases of erections not going away resulting in emergency surgeries to rectify the anomaly.
A medical doctor who spoke on condition of anonymity said some unregistered players were concocting fatal remedies.
“Some of these herbal sexual stimulants, such as ‘weti yegudo’ (baboon urine) are made from animal waste which makes them unsafe to use,” she said.
“Lack of equipment to carry out health checks before issuing the drugs has resulted in some fatalities.
“For instance, there are some sexual stimulants that one cannot take while on particular drugs for various conditions such as diabetes.”
All drugs, she said, had to be approved by institutions such as the Medical Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).
“The major side effects of some of these sexual stimulants and herbal concoctions include permanent erectile dysfunction, sneezing and headaches,” said a health practitioner who refused to be named.
“Herbs might also result in stomach problems including worms in one’s system as these herbs may be contaminated.”
Pundits contend that natural ways of boosting sexual performance are the safest and most efficient.
Regular exercising and eating right foods has been described as some excellent methods of boosting one’s sexual drive.
Herbs like moringa, garlic and ginger which have multiple purposes are among safe herbs that one can take without prescription from the doctor.


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