Be firm on lockdown culprits


AS law enforcement  measures are being tightened to contain the spread of COVID-19, it becomes inevitable that some of those abiding by lockdown restrictions are inconvenienced.

May be, this inconveniencing might have to be tolerated if it means containing this deadly virus.

It is unfortunate there are a number of deviants, who have thrown caution to the wind in a bid to beat lockdown restrictions.

It is therefore imperative for law enforcement agents to stop this.

People must stay at home if there is no essential business that compels them to be where they are not supposed to be.

For instance, when police tighten checkpoints leading into town centres, it is not a show of force.

Rather, it is a genuine gesture to protect those expected to provide essential service.

For if COVID-19 National Taskforce directives are followed,  those reporting for duty are expected to have their temperatures taken and hands sanitised.

Masks alone are not enough.

Lockdown restrictions are being flouted by those who don’t want to stay at home because of mistaken beliefs.

There is a tendency to be relaxed, since there is a theory floating around that the COVID-19 virus in Africa is mild.

This is very dangerous.

We already have four deaths in our country from this ‘mild’ strain.

And to date, this so-called ‘mild’ strain has so far claimed over 114 000 lives in Africa.

There is also this assumption that this pandemic is only restricted to returnees.

What must be understood is that once COVID-19 crosses borders, as a contagious disease, it is bound to spread. 

As it is, it is said to have been first noticed in the province of Wuhan, China, but has since spread across the whole globe.

Purveyors of some of these dangerous assumptions, must note that the over eight million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the world are not ‘returnees’.

That COVID-19 is real a is a truism.

It therefore boggles the mind why some people, because of greed, are not bothered by its consequences.

This explains why some fraudsters are faking exemption letters, for those who want to move about in defiance of lockdown restrictions.

These are people not bound to take any anti-COVID-19 precautionary measures as they roam about in city centres, creating crowds which are discouraged.

Surely, it is the duty of all to report such scoundrels to the police as we play our part in the fight to to contain the spread of this pandemic. 

There are also cases that are reported to be rife among even professional footballers, of engaging in money games.

This is at a time when football games have been put on hold at national level because of the danger of spreading this pandemic. 

And to imagine that some premier league footballers have the guts to be engaged in this forbidden close contact gambling is disgusting.

And what of the spectators  who, while in close contact, innocently cheer these greedy ‘entertainers’.

All this is fertile ground for the spread of this deadly virus.  

The omnipresence of law enforcement agents can go a long way to curb some of these malpractices.

However, what is most disturbing is that there are some law enforcement agents who are said to be demanding bribes from those breaking lockdown rules.

If true, this is very disgraceful and appropriate measures have to be taken.

Otherwise, to contain this deadly pandemic, we except the police to be fully alert and have no mercy on all those breaking lockdown rules.

It’s a matter of life or death.


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