Benjamin Freeth, the pathological racist: Part Four


THIS series is still an insistence that Benjamin Freeth is a pathological racist.
Pathological racists are typically schizophrenic in their belief that they are God-sent to their victims.
In one of the many times, Freeth has been recorded talking to himself.
He says: “I think we have been put here for a purpose and we must carry out that purpose for which we were put here.”
Then he proceeds to ask his pool of black labourers to pray for him to win his challenge to the land re-distribution that is supposed to empower the same labourers.
And, as the labourers leave, the schizophrenic says to himself: “If they (black people) don’t work for us (white people), whom do they work for?” (Mugabe and the White African)
What becomes a catch-phrase in Benjamin Freeth’s frequent self-righteous speeches is his being ‘the salt of the earth and the light of the world’.
The other is: ‘If good men do nothing, evil will prevail’.
He is of course too sick to imagine what would have become of black people if good ZANLA and ZIPRA combatants had not taken up arms to resist Smith’s vision of no black majority rule ‘in a thousand years’!
He has even had the moral deficiency to portray his apartheid war criminal father-in-law, Mike Campbell, as ‘a good man’. 
And, for those who do not know him, Mike Campbell was part of apartheid South Africa’s manpower contribution to the genocide in Rhodesia.
It was actually during the genocide that he fell in love with the land and decided to settle.
And, no such decision would have been made without the sick conviction that it was the Rhodesian evil he was defending that would prevail.
Freeth has relentlessly portrayed the criminal as ‘more sinned against than sinning’.
He has also relentlessly portrayed Mike Campbell’s landless black victims as the evil ones.
This of course is how all schizos are like, and it is a millennia-old phenomenon which black Zimbabweans must now confront in a no-holds-barred do-or-die feat. And it is worth noting that this Benjamin Freeth and David Coltart ‘holy fraud’ is only the tip of a monstrous global ice-berg.
Once upon a time, at Elmina, on the Slave Coast in West Africa, the church of the European slave traders was the ‘Upper-Room’ of the slave dungeon where stolen black people lay chained in filth, awaiting shipment to a long drawn out death as creators of wealth for white ‘men of God’ in Europe and America.
In that ‘Upper-Room,’ slave trading prayer warriors like William Wilberforce fellowshipped and commemorated Pentecost, importunately awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit to bless them.
And their concept of ‘blessing’ was ‘black slaves!’
And, in America, Abraham Lincoln’s family was one of the most blessed in the land.
The Lincoln family’s black slaves were hobho nefararira.
And, it is interesting to note that in his frequent self-righteous speeches, David Coltart has shown great reverence and fondness for Lincoln.
But then, coming from a Selous Scout, it is not hard to understand.  
The concept of ‘blessing’ he shares with Freeth, Cross, Kay and other Rhodesians is ‘exclusive ownership of Zimbabwean land’ iced with an unlimited labour reserve of the landless black people whose human rights they now claim to champion.
The wider implications of ‘Upper-Room’ fellowship above a slave dungeon are frightening to contemplate.
Indeed, it is not illogical to surmise that a slave trading prayer warrior of that fellowship wishing to pay his tithes in kind would do so in black human form.
This means that a slave trading prayer warrior with 100 slaves would have to surrender 10 of them to the church to be resold and the proceeds given to poor white people.
It makes one wonder at the logic of black people going to heaven only as white men’s tithes or slave-trading prayer warriors’ thanks-giving offerings that are supposed to unlock the windows of heaven in order to flood the white slave-master and not the black slave with God’s blessings.
It surely cannot be in the black people’s interests to be pledged – to be the pawns in a supposed covenant between a slave master and God!
On November 11 1965, Ian Smith and the other Rhodesian signatories to the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) which he called “a victory of Christian civilization” went into the adjacent Anglican Cathedral to ask God to bless the travesty.
The logical conclusion of that was that Rhodesians could pledge the proceeds of forced labour and colonial exploitation as tithes supposedly meant to unlock the blessings of heaven.
They could pledge the harvest on stolen land as tithes to a supposedly all-loving God.
And, centuries before that, the Roman Catholic Church had participated in the trade in black human beings with a ‘clean conscience’.
In Rhodesia, the same Catholic Church had been the beneficiary of stolen land. The church that got filthy rich from human abuse had not bought the land they built churches on.
They hadn’t even questioned the moral credentials of the homosexual (Cecil Rhodes) who had donated the stolen land.
And it was the same church that had prescribed genocide as a solution to Shona resistance to British occupation.  
It was the same church that baptised and then endorsed the murder of black leaders of the resistance to occupation.
And to this day, this church has not broken the silence on its own role in this litany of holocausts against black people.
The faith to which racist Benjamin Freeth and racist David Coltart profess sacred allegiance has not even enlightened the sick men to consider and acknowledge that it is not savagery, but African humanity, Hunhu or Ubuntu that sustained or kept alive the European missionaries who prepared the colonial holocaust.
It was African tolerance that inhibited our African ancestors from killing the arrogant racist strangers even as they demonised African ways.
It is sad that both Benjamin Freeth and David Coltart are so deadened by racist convention that they can’t see this humbling truth, even when such arrogance proved Ian Smith’s downfall.
And for those who do not know, on December 21 1972, Smith challenged a world press conference to show him black people who were happier than those he was oppressing in Rhodesia.
Ironically, still unbeknown to him, ZANLA guerrillas had already struck Altenna Farm at dawn of the same day.
This of course is the tragic bliss that Freeth and Coltart are living in when they claim that their black victims love them.
In conclusion, it would not be fair not to tell pathological racist Benjamin Freeth and those of his ilk that it is our inalienable right as free black people to revisit Rhodesia and rebrand Rhodies like Coltart who defended exclusive white privilege by force of arms as agents of Satan and not an all-loving God.
Without apology, I want again to insist that Benjamin Freeth and all Rhodesians of his like are pathological racists who have abused Christianity to cause undeserved suffering to innocent black people.


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