Benjamin Freeth the pathological racist: Part Three


THIS series is still an insistence that Benjamin Freeth is a pathological racist.
This part of the series shows how as a pathological racist, Benjamin Freeth is characteristically parochial and therefore incapable of involved reasoning that should allow him to see beyond his sick world.
In the Zimbabwe Independent of July 18 to 24, Benjamin Freeth naively attempts to draw similarities between Zimbabwe and NAZI Germany.
He says: “Why are these people silent with regards to the discrimination against white people in Zimbabwe who are now denied access to up to 95 percent of their former commercial farmland?
“And in Zimbabwe today how is that European Union (EU) Ambassador Dell’ Arricia can describe the country as ‘normal, peaceful and democratic’ and accuse civil society and the opposition political parties of being ‘anchored in the past?’
“Human rights defenders are justified in demanding that the EU recalls him.
“This got me wondering.
“What would people internationally have said of Dell’ Arricia if he had commented that Germany was ‘normal, peaceful and democratic’ during the discrimination of the NAZI era; or that South Africa was ‘normal, peaceful and democratic’ during apartheid.”
Of course, the racist is blind to the fact that white settlers constitute less than one percent of the landless black majority in Zimbabwe.
The racist again has no memory of how his ‘white international community’ enslaved a black international community that had to shed blood to end white oppression.
The poor devil has no memory of how Britain refused to be part of a United Nations (UN) arms embargo against apartheid South Africa and continued to supply the weapons that were used to commit genocide.
The racist is not even wondering why the US is providing the arms that Israel is using to commit genocide in Gaza.
It should be pointed out that this is not the first time Freeth has made the NAZI allusion.
In the racist’s documentary film, Mugabe and the White African, a headline on The Zimbabwean which the apartheid war criminal Mike Campbell reads has a headline running: ‘We are like Jews during the Nazi era’.
When Benjamin Freeth invokes the Nazi holocaust as some kind of precedent to the way Rhodesian settlers are treated in Zimbabwe, he fails to see that the allusion ironically indicts rather than vindicates his cause.
It translates to a shameless denial of irrefutable Nazi-style Rhodesian atrocities against black people.
Even as the heinous crimes are unearthed from the disused mine-shafts where they have lain concealed from the civilised world for decades, there has only been a deafening silence from the likes of Benjamin Freeth who now claim to be the human rights mouth-pieces of the Rhodesian beasts who perpetrated the crimes.
Indeed, Freeth’s attempt to white-wash the white-settlers’ stinking sins through repellent comparisons only defines him as a pathetic racist rather than the human rights activist he wants the world to believe he is.
It is sad how Freeth stands with NAZI incarnates like David Coltart, Iain Kay and Roy Bennett whose hands still drip the blood of innocent black people and actually attempts to convince black survivors of the Rhodesian holocaust that the murderers are the champions of their liberation.
It is as if the survivors have no memory of who was who in Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.
It is as if the black survivors of the Rhodesian holocaust had no eyes to have read for themselves how the distribution of power and wealth in Rhodesia was racially inconsistent with the demography.
The NAZI holocaust is indeed an unfortunate choice of allusion by Freeth in his attempt to mobilise undeserved sympathy for the bestial Rhodesian settler community.
Both the local and global historical contexts in which he makes the reference starkly resist the allusion.
It confirms that only a simple-minded racist would make such an allusion.
In the local historical context, Chibondo, Butcher Farm, Chimoio, Nyadzonia, Tembwe, Freedom Farm, Mkushi and all sites of colonial genocide mark out the Rhodesians as the neo-NAZIs.
Colonial occupation, liberation struggle and recently, sanctions designed to snuff-out black empowerment all testify to an irredeemable apartheid philosophy. Furthermore, this is a context in which the Rhodesians have never uttered a word of apology because they think their black victims are too inferior to deserve it.
It is a context in which Rhodesians have never changed sides.
It is a context in which the exclusive white privileges David Coltart fought for in Rhodesia are still the same exclusive privileges that he is still fighting for today.
On the whole, it does indeed come across as a callous racial insult when Freeth alleges that the black victims of Rhodesia are treating their erstwhile Rhodesian tormentors the same way NAZIs treated the Jews in Second World War Germany.
And the sick allegation is notwithstanding that to date, no Rhodesian war criminal has ever been bathed in acid and thrown into a disused mine shaft.
Iain Kay is still walking on his two legs even as his black victims hobble on crutches because the wounds caused by the rusty screws he drove into their limbs still fester almost four decades after the horrific NAZI-style crime.
David Coltart is still carrying an insolent big head on his shoulders even when the whole nation knows that the black people he took in for assisting in their own liberation struggle were beheaded without fair trial.
It is of course a pity that Benjamin Freeth is too simple-minded to read that if the poetic justice he cries for were instituted without racial bias or racist interference from the West, then all the Rhodesian war criminals who have re-created themselves as the champions of human rights would kiss this world good-bye.
If the ICC was not a colonial court simply re-located in racist Europe to continue the persecution of black Africans, then the so-called ‘white Africans’ like apartheid war-criminal Mike Campbell, father-in-law to Benjamin Freeth would not have been allowed to die a normal death.
The whole racist Rhodesian and apartheid South African communities would not have been allowed to get away with a simple ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ façade.
On the current global context, Benjamin Freeth’s allusion to the NAZI holocaust is even less sustainable.
It is a context in which the same Jews he likens to Rhodesians have currently murdered close to two thousand Palestinians and razed to the ground thousands of their homes in three weeks of racial violence.
Freeth naively expects the atrocity to escape his reader’s attention.
He naively expects his readers to ignore the travesty they see unfolding on their satellite televisions and look at Rhodesians and Israelis through his sick eyes.
Also, unfortunately for Benjamin Freeth, his allusion to the NAZI holocaust ironically points to a worse holocaust for informed black people – It foregrounds 400 years of genocidal slavery and a further 100 years of colonial slavery and genocide at the hands of white people.
All this hard evidence questions the racist’s capacity for balanced reasoning.
It does not help the poor devil’s case.
It only confirms that he is indeed mentally and spiritually disfigured beyond redemption.
l To be continued


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