Better late than never


EDITOR – I travelled to Masvingo last week and as I was nearing Chivhu, I witnessed a terrible accident that got me thinking. Though I stopped, there was nothing much I could do besides assisting those injured. It was during this time that I thought about the need for drivers to exercise extreme caution on the roads because life is precious. Sometimes it is better to be late than sorry and that should always register in every driver’s mind. Life is too short and as soon as some drivers realise that then road accidents could be reduced in the country. Speed does kill and I urge all motorists to remember that it is not how fast you can get to a place, but how you get there safely. Parents must also teach their children to be responsible drivers and not to let them go crazy with cars that they don’t even know how they came about. The time for responsible driving is now. Let us not take life for granted.

Concerned driver Mufakose Harare


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