Black history month in the USA: Celebrating Malcom X


IN the United States of America, February is celebrated as ‘Black History Month’.
This is a time to take stock of black mankind – where they are today and where they have come.
From this year’s celebrations are special in that they coincide with the 50th anniversary of the evil murder of one of the greatest black revolutionaries of all time, Malcom X by the American racist establishment.
Below we revisit some of Malcom X’s great sayings and teachings on the evilness of white racism and the great suffering black people have endured under it.
Furthermore, we would like to draw lessons from these teachings so that the present black generation can use them to its benefit.
On top of it we want to see whether or not things have changed for the better for blacks in the USA and the world over.
Malcom X talking about colonialism and slavery says the whiteman lied that blacks did not have any civilisations in order to justify colonialisation.
“The collective whiteman has been actually nothing, but a piratical opportunist who used dirty machinations to make his own Christianity his initial wedge in criminal conquests.
“First always ‘religiously’ he branded ‘heathen’ and ‘pagan’ labels upon ancient non-white cultures and civilisations.
“The stage then set, he then turned upon his non-white victims his weapons of war.”
Talking about slavery, Malcom X says, “Over 115 million, African blacks close to the 1930 population of the Unites States were murdered or enslaved during the slavery trade.
“Then when the slave market was glutted the cannibalistic white powers of Europe next carved up as their colonies, the richest areas of the black continent. “And Europe’s chancelleries for the next century played a chase game of naked exploitation and power from Cape Horn to Cairo.”
Zimbabwe was one of the countries that was carved out as a colony of the British and suffered brutal oppression for almost a century.
Malcom X describes the brutality of colonial oppression giving the example of China.
“There is indisputable proof that the collective white man acted like a devil in virtually every contact he had with the world’s collective non-white man. “When the white man for example professes ignorance about why the Chinese hate him so, they forget about how the blood forebears of this same white man raped China at a time when China was trusting and helpless.
“Those original white ‘Christian traders’ sent into China millions of pounds of opium.
“By 1839, so many of the Chinese were addicts that China’s desperate government destroyed 20 000 chests of opium.”
The first opium war was promptly declared by the white man.
Declaring war upon someone who objects to being narcotised!
The Chinese were severely beaten with Chinese invented gunpowder.
The treaty of Nanking made China pay the British whiteman for the destroyed opium, forced open China’s major ports to British trade, forced China to abandon Hong Kong, fixed China’s import tariffs so low that cheap British articles soon flooded in making China’s industrial development.
However, China later revenged because after the Second World War China closed its doors to the Western white world.
Today China has gone past the British many times over as far as its economy is concerned.
The lesson we can learn from this is that if former colonies want to develop, they must not rely on the West, but on themselves and new progressive partners.
Come to the conditions of living of blacks in the USA today.
Over 50 years ago, Malcom X wrote, “The American black man is the world’s most shameful case of minority oppression.
“I have never forgotten how when my class, me and all those whites, had studied seventh – grade United States history back in Mason, the history of the Negro had been covered in one paragraph and the teacher had gotten a big laugh with his joke ‘negroes’ feet are so big that when they walk they leave a hole in the ground.
“American blacks are an oppressed lot. I can’t think of a better case!
“400 years of black blood and sweat invested here in America and the white man still has the black man begging for what every white immigrant fresh off the ship can take for granted the minute he walks down the gangplank.”
This is what the situation was 50 years ago.
Today the black man in America is suffering oppression and denial of human rights.
White police men are shooting and killing blacks left right and centre.
For instance, since the start of this year 2015 up to date, over 122 people, the majority blacks have been killed by white policemen.
The truth is today blacks are in bad shape in America as at the time of Malcom X.
They still live in what are called ‘projects’ or ‘Ghettos’ where the oppressive system has given birth to monsters called ‘gangsters’ who roam the streets committing murder.
If the late Malcom X were to rise from the dead, he would find a very disappointing USA before his eyes.
On the foreign affairs front he will find the present USA administration spending billions of dollars invading other people’s countries to grab their resources.
Yes he will see United States lethal bombers involved in brutal bombings in countries such as Iraq, Syria Afghanistan, Libya etc leaving behind real disasters.
At home he would find that the USA has now the largest jail population in the world with all human rights in tatters.
This big jail population is comprised of mostly blacks.
Yes, over 40 percent.
I therefore would not urge my dear late brother Malcom X to rise from the dead because this time they will kill him with a drone.
Therefore I pray that brother Malcom X’s soul should continue to rest in peace. Amen!


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