Black US Ambassadors accredited to Zim: Part Three…why US likes Coltart


THE suggestion has already been made to view this series on black US ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe as a most saddening case-study of ‘self-hate’.

It has also already been established that of the 15 ambassadors the US has accredited to Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, seven of them have been black and the deployment was not based on a random selection of merit but the capacity to merge and misrepresent intentions. 

It is in that capacity that our black guests championed the US’ Ku Klux Klan policies on us, their black brothers.

This is notwithstanding their own intimacy with the history of slavery and the subsequent institutional inertia that has turned black civil rights into an unattainable holy grail right to date.  

It is irrefutable fact even to these black brothers know that the country that deployed them to mess up black lives in Africa is the greatest and most proficient killer of black people in world history. 

The so-called ‘free world’ champions of democracy and human rights have killed more black people than any other country on this planet. 

This means more than the British, the Belgians, the Germans, the French and the Portuguese. But this is a matter for another day in this series. 

For now, it is important to make it clear that the use of the term ‘self-hate’ in respect of the black US ambassadors to Zimbabwe is not a blind use of language but a conscious verbatim exclusion of the other haters, their fellow white US ambassadors whose toxic attitudes have become a cold and indelible fact of the African experience. 

The term ‘self-hate’ in this series is used as an unapologetic indictment specific to black US ambassadors accredited to Zimbabwe as accomplices in the genocidal extermination of fellow black people by white supremacist, the US. 

The proliferation of Western-registered anti-establishment non-governmental organisations started under black US Ambassador Edward G Lanpher’s watch. 

He was the counterfeit black kinsman; the Selous Scout reincarnation talking ‘democratic governance, civil society development, civic education, women’s and youth leadership development, electoral reform and election monitoring, and political expression in closed societies. 

And all the while, he was aware of how the US government that deployed him rabidly opposed the ‘democratic’ inclusion of Africa into the ‘United Nations’ Security Council. 

He was aware of how the US vetoed more democratic resolutions (of the UN) more than any other country with equal veto status. 

The proliferation of Western-registered anti-establishment started with the registration of the Central and Southern African Legal Assistance Foundation in the US (and not the host region) by David Coltart, an overzealous participant in the Rhodesian genocide. 

Ironically, the dubious organisation, purportedly meant to support Human Rights work in Southern Africa) was registered at a time discrimination against African Americans was worsening until it burst in the Los Angeles race riots of 1992 when four white police officers who had brutally assaulted Rodney King, a black motorist, were found innocent of any wrong-doing.  

President Bush did not hesitate to deploy US troops against the minority black population and the resultant carnage put the Los Angeles race riots among the most-devastating civil disruptions in American history. 

It is important to note (for future reference) that black civil rights riots are a permanent feature of American history and are traditionally quelled by the bold deployment of the military often resulting in further carnage.

The irony of it is that US black ambassadors to Zimbabwe are known for their rabid opposition to Zimbabwe’s deployment of troops to quell US-instigated demonstrations when they turn violent. This again, is a matter for another part in the series.

For now, it is necessary to note that black US Ambassador Edward G Lanpher neither questioned the blood of black people on Coltart’s Rhodesian  credentials nor did he stand in solidarity with his black brothers still demanding equal rights in the Free World, a traumatic 216 years after the 1776 declaration that the equality of men was self-evident. 

In Zimbabwe, David Coltart’s efforts were sponsored by the International Republican Institute, a US ‘non-governmental’ organisation known for championing the overthrow of elected leaders critical of the US of which Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Hugo Chavez and Hun Sen have been outstanding victims. 

In Zimbabwe, Coltart was already working on the inclusion of the whole ZANU PF Government of Zimbabwe among the IRI targets.  

One setback for Coltart was that the two liberation war parties of ZANU PF and PF ZAPU had worked out their differences and united into ZANU PF at the 1988 Unity Accord. 

Peace had prevailed ever since and the guarantee was that a post liberation war degeneration into another civil-war-torn Angola or Mozambique had been averted. 

Retrospect shows Coltart’s desperation to revive ethnic conflict after the Unity Accord and the expiry of the Lancaster House Constitution. 

His bio documents his whirlwind tour of the world delivering papers on ‘ethnic conflict’ in Zimbabwe at a time when Zimbabwe was very peaceful after black Zimbabweans had successfully excluded white supremacists in the solution to their problems.  

Zimbabweans can proudly say that Selous Scout’s efforts have come to nothing in the way of sparking any meaningful civil conflict.

And yet, if the truth is to be admitted, the fact that it is Coltart who brought the International Republican Institute evil into our house was actually not entirely unexpected. 

In retrospect, it should not be the cause for much lament. 

The cardinal sin that should, instead, be the cause for alarm should be the belief by black survivors of the Rhodesian genocide that any good could come out of the Selous Scout who was incorrigible enough to have taken the Rhodesian ‘oath of genocide’ even before he got to the age of majority.

The longer historical perspective in that vein casts an even more foreboding picture for those who care to read. 

It shows that the paradigm that ‘freed’ the black US Ambassadors’ black slave kinsmen without compensation is the same one that empowers US Ku Klux Klan police departments to brutalise black Americans with judiciary impunity.

It is the same paradigm that makes Coltart, a foot soldier of the Rhodesian genocide, acceptable to the US government as the human rights champion of his black victims. 

It is also the same paradigm that conferred the Nobel peace prize on de Klerk, an apartheid thug directly responsible for the genocide of black people in South Africa 


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