BPRA: A case of senseless boycott


THE attempt by the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) to persuade people to reject Government development projects has to be seen in the context of the regime change agenda for it to be understood.

And what a misnomer when everything about this dubious residents body is retrogressive!

The strategy of kudira jecha (deliberate attempt to soil anything initiated by the ZANU PF Government) is not the brainchild of MDC Alliance, as many people might like to believe.

When Nelson Chamisa pronounced this strategy as one of his political tools, he was merely betraying his betrothal to the regime change cause.  

Otherwise this nihilist attitude is the cornerstone of regime change philosophy.

Everything — be it land reform, indigenisation, opening up of democratic space and freedom of access to any corner of the country in election campaigns, among a host of other progressive measures — is conveniently dismissed as cunning attempts to slow down the regime change onslaught.

Let’s take Matabeleland as an example.

This is the part of the country infested with NGOs, all determined to bring down the revolutionary ZANU PF Government.

What explains the absurd effort by BPRA, the MDC Alliance-led Bulawayo City Council and the weird group called Mthwakazi Republic Party to stop the recently introduced urban bus system?

Of course they have willing allies in NGO groups like Christian Alliance, Habbakuk Trust and Community Guidance Initiative, among others.

Surely what is the rationale of ganging up against an urban bus commuter system that is efficient, affordable and more comfortable?

Not only that!

Why should an organisation with people’s interests at heart go to the extent of bribing citizens to join a demonstration to scuttle a trendy idea like the installation of water meters?

To them, anything that is likely to damage the image of the country in general, and that of the ZANU PF Government in particular, tickles their fancy. The way they are prepared to cut their noses to spite their faces is puzzling.

It is as clear as daylight that these groups are bent on discrediting anything perceived to be good that might be attributed to the ZANU PF Government.

All this, with the forlorn hope that the revolutionary Party’s image might be irretrievably damaged.

What is gratifying, however, is that the majority of peace loving patriotic Zimbabweans know that these are mere fronts of Western capital, since vanquished on the battlefront. They know that pseudo resident associations, like BPRA, are just another front the imperialists are using to come back through the backdoor.

They also know that BPRA is not alone. We have already exposed the use of residents associations by regime change proponents.

We also know that leaders of these so-called residents associations have been moulded in Western institutions to support regime change programmes.

For instance, Emmanuel Ndlovu, acting co-ordinator of BPRA, was among the first groups of Zimbabweans to be trained in regime change tactics in the US.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) is well-known for their rabid regime change mentality. 

It’s no wonder that Mfundo Mlilo and McDonald Lewanika, both vocal members of CiZC, are leading figures in the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) and Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association (CHIPRA) respectively.

Meanwhile, Bulawayo must guard against being misled.


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