Bring national youth programme back


Editor – NOW that the elections are over and the political dust is gradually settling, policy makers should start taking a serious introspection into some of our policies.
Since the inception of MDC in 1999, some policies were hurriedly made and implemented as a way to counter MDC’s wayward behaviour, which was bent on trying to reverse the gains of our liberation struggle.
The national youth training programme popularly known as the Border Gezi programme is one such noble programme that has to be resuscitated as a matter of urgency. Not only does it instil discipline but a sense of patriotism and belonging among our youths.
This programme should be treated like any other programme within the school curriculum.
It has to be introduced at primary school level up to secondary school such that by the time a child applies for college education, he or she will be fully equipped to defend one’s country politically, socially and economically.
We should not make any apologies about that.
Our youths need a lot of orientation in every aspect that has to do with our culture and politics.
It is the youths that the imperial forces target when they want to spread their exploitative propaganda because they constitute the biggest part of our population.
The fact that we managed to defeat them resoundingly in the recent harmonised elections should not deceive us into thinking that they have given up the fight.
These people have permanent interests, we have to remember that.

Sydney Mukwenje


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