Building on our achievements crucial


ZIMBABWE is a beautiful country, with so much to offer its people, as well as those that come in friendship.
Many attest to this fact.
We have gone through liberation struggles, embarked on a successful Land Reform and Resettlement Programme and we have indigenised our economy.
These are the base and foundation of the success that we stare in the face.
Beyond doubt the country’s leadership is committed and will relentlessly pursue policies that empower our people, it is in their DNA, to fight for the masses, to empower them.
All around is optimism.
But most important, in all the optimism, is remembering that we all have duties and obligations to the motherland.
The development and growth that we no longer pine for but now visualise, for many to be gained in the short-term, will not be achieved, will not be brought to reality by a few people.
It was never and will never be the duty of a handful to drive the nation to prosperity.
Since the days of the First Chimurenga/Umvukela, we have always come together to fight for the motherland.
We all have a role in shaping our national agenda and telling the rest of the world our story.
We must not wait for outsiders to come and shape our narrative.
We are not infirm.
We are all aware of our rich history and cultural heritage and the limitless potential of our natural and human resources.
We all know what needs to be done.
Work, work, work and more work.
All feet on the pedal.
Now is the time for every one to put their hands on the plough.
We have made significant achievements that we must build upon.
It is exciting to hear that so-and-so is eager to work with us.
It is thrilling to hear that so-and-so wants to give us this and that.
But in all this excitement and thrill, let us never forget that we did not wait for other countries to liberate us.
We took the initiative and they joined us.
In the same spirit, we must all go to work, each and everyone at his or her station, delivering to the best of their ability.
Let those that come, find us hard at work.
As always, I will emphasise the need to have our youths, at the centre of the development matrix.
They must play a leading role in developmental issues.
I will take that the carrying of the national flag by our youths is a sign that they fully appreciate who they are, their legacy, their heritage and that they will not be saluting other flags.
We are heartened that the national ethos has been rekindled in our youths.
Let us continue to relentlessly focus on our strengths.
In our excitement, let us not forget where we have come from.
Our past is as important as where we are going.
Our memories are our cultural capital and the compass that should guide us into the future.
It will be a crime to erase our past for any reason because it is the cradle of the present, just like our present projects our future.


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