EDITOR — TO say I was shocked last week to see on the ZTV 8pm main news bulletin medication worth US$500 000 in an unregistered warehouse in Waterfalls is an understatement. 

The busting of the illegal warehouse is welcome news. 

Some of the medication was in boxes written: ‘MoHCC’ which signifies this consignment was stolen from the Ministry of Health and Child Care. 

How such large stocks find their way out of a Government institution shows people in positions of authority are diverting the stocks. 

Hospitals are lacking medication and here is a whole illegal warehouse selling to private pharmacies and the black market. 

The Zimbabwe Republic Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest of the three suspects. 

A tip-off led to the raid of the warehouse at the back of a house in Waterfalls. 

It is believed the illegal warehouse had been in operation for some years now. 

The drugs were not registered with the Medicines Authority of Zimbabwe, neither were they cleared.  

Family planning tablets, which usually come from donors, were also found there. 

In 2015, InterPol in conjunction with the ZRP, hauled 420 000 illegal tablets off the streets in the region through operation ‘Giaboia 11’.  

Zimbabwe, today, faces abuse of cough syrups, among them Broncleer, Histalix and many other drugs. 

The abuse has resulted in deaths, with most abusers going gaga. 

The nation is watching the busting of the illegal pharmacy with bated breath and looks forward to the delivery of justice. 

Among the list of prohibited drugs on the streets of Zimbabwe are skin bleachers and sex enhancers which are sold openly to a ready market. 

Hospitals are lacking medication with uncouth thieves running backyard pharmacies with drugs meant for the public hospitals. 

It is high time this rot is nipped in the bud.

Michael Pirwai,



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