Can HIV be cured by prayer and anointing oil?


EDITOR – LAST week the Ministry of Health and Child Care released figures highlighting that this year 70 000 pregnant women in Zimbabwe had tested HIV positive during routine ante-natal HIV screening.
This is a very high figure for such a small country in terms of population.
Are we losing the fight against HIV prevention?
I am not surprised with these statistics especially when some of our church leaders claim to be curing HIV through prayer and anointing oils.
How can that be?
In September this year there were some news reports that Prophet Magaya had ‘cured’ an HIV positive woman, Miriam Chari, through prayer and anointing oil.
The story alleged that Chari, who tested HIV positive in 2007 had been rid of the virus through prayer.
“While at the guesthouse she was laid hands upon by God’s servant Prophet W. Magaya and believed she had received her healing,” the story stated.
“She wasted no time when she checked out of the guesthouse, she went straight to get an HIV test done on her and surely her faith made her well.
“No trace of HIV was found in her blood…(his) incredible anointing oil has vanquished every ounce of the troublesome virus from her body.”
Documentary evidence which showed an HIV positive result and CD4 count was shown, and a new test showing an HIV negative result.
However, both documents did not have any names written on them (so they could as well belong to two different people).
I was disappointed by some of the comments especially posted by young people, who are at risk of HIV infection.
For example, one of the commentators (Tinashe) wrote: “I was there, the day in question, medical report yaitovapo, vamwe pavachazobvuma chitima chinenge chasimuka kare, tichikonesa maBima (BMW) ndimi vanhu vachatamba nhamo.”
Another lady commented “Ameeeeeeen thank you Jesu for Miriram Chari’s testimony.
“Mbiri kunaJesu.”
Am I the only doubting Thomas?
I think this derails the fight against HIV and AIDS, and the Government should do something to stop these malicious claims.
The good thing is that HIV is now a manageable disease.

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  1. Comment:is there any way of stopping HIV or using nature herbs ? can HIV be stopped without removing bone marrows?

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