Cde Chihuri please do something!


EDITOR – HOW long shall the police and kombi drivers continue to sacrifice innocent blood?
What is known for a fact, which Cde Chihuri should know, is that police solicit bribes from commuter omnibuses instead of checking for defects.
I was so touched when I saw the lifeless body of Neil Tanatswa Mutyora lying at the corner of Chinhoyi and Kwame Nkrumah Street, Harare, on Tuesday after he was hit by a commuter omnibus driver who was being chased by the police.
Police should understand that they will be dealing with people who regularly break the law and it is possible that such criminals can do anything to evade arrest including sacrificing human lives.
Therefore, police should approach these public places with extreme caution as part of their mandate is to avoid the loss of lives in the country rather than causing death of innocent people.
Police should avoid smashing of windscreens of kombis, but record number plates of the commuter omnibuses which they can use to trace the criminals and bring them to book.
Many people are dying because of this cat and mouse chase between the police and commuter omnibus drivers especially in downtown Harare.
Cde Chihuri please do something about this.
Imagine little Neil who died without realising his full potential.
There are many others who painfully died this way and it is time to stop this madness.
My heart bleeds.

Concerned citizen
Warren Park


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