‘Chairman Chitepo one of a kind’


EDITOR – IT’s now 43 years since the death of the then ZANU Chairman Herbert Chitepo.
The legend was blown to pieces in a car bomb explosion on the night of March 1975 in Lusaka, Zambia.
The death of Chairman Chitepo was a major blow to the Zimbabwean revolution.
Chairman Chitepo was a revolutionary leader whose vision was to liberate Zimbabwe.
Chairman Chitepo was a principled and transparent leader who lived by his word.
Zimbabwe’s enemy was also his enemy and he did not mince his words.
There are some African leaders who are selfish to the extent of using their political muscle to build economic empires at the expense of fellow Africans.
If Chairman Chitepo were alive today, no nationalist would own multiple farms while serving the interests of whites.
If Chairman Chitepo were alive today, no nationalist would personalise the nation.
If Chairman Chitepo were alive today, no true nationalist would discredit the war veterans who sacrificed their lives for the independence of this country.
Editor, in this new dispensation, it is high time we emulate the political ideology of Chairman Chitepo for the progress of our nation.
I think we have noticed how, in the past, opportunists have hijacked our revolution and our party ZANU PF whose main mandate is to serve the nation.
Allow me to remind the nation that Chairman Chitepo told us that our struggle is a protracted struggle and that the enemy is still fighting by abusing some among us.
This is true when looking at the events in Zimbabwe since 1999 when opposition politics was supported by the coloniasts.
The regime change agenda noise became more pronounced in 2000 when locals reclaimed their birthright, the land which sons and daughters of Zimbabwe had laid down their lives for.
In 2013 the revolutionary Party was hijacked by a cabal, set to derail the values and ethos of the revolution.
We must all be vigilant and remain principled as Zimbabweans, keeping in mind that the freedom we enjoy did not come on a silver platter.
Chairman Chitepo was a true revolutionary whose principles, if followed, will continue to strengthen our revolution as we also continue to guard our land jealously.
After all, our revolution was about the land.
Long live the values of ChairmanChitepo!
Long live Zimbabwe!

Nobert Muchoko


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