Cheap shots will not work


WHEN cheap shots are fired, it’s a sign of desperation.

But this kind of desperation is strange, coming from the so-called chief architects of ‘diplomacy’, ‘good governance’ and ‘democracy’.

I am referring to the case of these two gentleman, one a European and the other an American, who appear to be more of desperados than diplomats. 

Of course one left the country, joining the list of those who had come before him and failed to effect regime change and it seems the failure has made him a bitter man; for how many ambassadors leave their stations and remain closely ‘attached’ to them, commenting on day-to-day affairs of countries not under their diplomatic purview anymore.

We are just a small nation fighting these Goliaths who have made it their mission that, until there is a power in place that listens to their demands and opens up the country for exploitation they will not rest.

Apparently the gloves are off and no weapon, no matter how uncouth, has been left out of the fight.

According to Amnesty International, Donald Trump has a litany of human rights violations that include:

λ Stopping refugees from entering the US, trapping some in the violence they are attempting to flee. 

λ Demonising refugees as criminals and supporters of terror. 

λ Children fleeing horrific violence in Central America have been put at risk. 

λ And women fleeing some of the world’s worst conflicts and highest levels of violence will bear a huge brunt. 

λ The US is flouting its international commitments to protect refugees’ human rights. 

λ And the Trump administration is slashing emergency funds for refugees. 

λ And refugees in the US who thought they had found safety are now – again – living in fear. 

λ People fleeing violence are refused entry into the US.

λ And it’s now even more dangerous to cross the US-Mexico border. 

λ People seeking asylum are being treated like criminals. 

λ And it’s becoming even harder to even get the chance to ask for asylum. 

λ Trump is a president who supports torture. 

λ And has considered re-starting CIA black sites. 

λ As he continues indefinite detention without charge or fair trial for 41 individuals at Guantánamo. 

λ While threatening to fill it up with new detainees. 

λ And spreading fear and misinformation.

λ Fear and uncertainty for American Muslims continues as the climate of hate persists and reported hate crimes increase.

λ 9/11 victims’ family members continue to wait for justice, more than 15 years later: 

λ As failed and unfair trials in military commissions continue.

λ And Attorney General Sessions floats the possibility of new military commissions: 

λ Trump’s Justice Department is trying to block the truth about torture.

λ While those who authorised and carried out torture still have not been held accountable, and some are finding new roles in the administration.

I wonder what these bullies would do if our ambassadors in their nations became the police, prosecutors and judges of their crimes against humanity.

Would they last a day in their citadels? 

We have done no wrong in calling for the removal of sanctions which are hurting us and derailing our efforts to revamp our economy.

That is no crime.

Please show some respect.


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