Clamp down on errant commuter omnibus crews


EDITOR- I do not know if it is the job for the Harare City Council or the police to control taxis and commuter omnibuses in the City of Harare. It has become very difficult for people to move around especially downtown because we are constantly harassed by some commuter omnibus drivers and their conductors, popularly known as “hwindis”. Sometimes one is harassed because he or she does not want to get into the taxi or commuter omnibus. Can the city council and the police do something about the taxis especially along Leopold Takawira Street in Harare because they are causing many hindrances for pedestrians and other motorists. I would also appreciate if the police take measures to ban commuter omnibuses at corner Julius Nyerere Way and Robson Manyika Avenue. At least that would make things run smoothly for the motorist as well as pedestrians. I have witnessed many accidents which were caused by these commuter omnibuses and to avoid the loss of many lives, there is need for a serious involvement of the relevant authorities. Commuter omnibus operators should stop picking and dropping passengers anywhere they want in town. The Harare City Council should never have any remorse about clamping taxis and commuter omnibuses because they have just become a nuisance. Recently a cyclist was hit by a commuter omnibus which was dropping off people and the driver did not even bother to stop. Now that the schools have opened, it is even more dangerous for schoolchildren to cross the roads if the situation is not dealt with immediately. This matter is in need of serious consideration before more lives are lost. Concerned Citizen Harare


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