Closer look at the rigging masters

Patriotic Front leader Robert Mugabe (R)...Patriotic Front leader Robert Mugabe (R) gives a press conference, on October 29, 1976 in Geneva. (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

“BRITAIN goes around the world preaching against election malpractices.
But in 1956 and 1959, Britain deliberately interfered with Nigeria’s independence elections so its favoured friends in the North would dominate the country after independence.
On April 13 2005, we went to interview one of the British colonial officers involved in the affair, Harold Smith.
Smith was the only British official in Nigeria at the time who would not do Whitehall’s bidding and influence the elections.
For that, he has suffered for the past 45 years during which the British authorities have offered him ‘inducements’, including a knighthood, to keep quiet or … Having refused the inducements, Smith has not been allowed to work since 1960.
He believes he was even poisoned and his phone constantly bugged,” report Baffour Ankomah and Stuart Price in the New African in May 2005.
The British rigged the Nigerian elections in 1956 and 1959.
In the north, they protected a pro-British party so when they handed over at the end of their colonial rule of this oil-rich African country, it would be to a puppet regime that would continue to protect its interest.
This dirty meddling resulted in the coup of 1966 and the civil war which claimed at least two million lives.
There is a problem if people go all over the world telling people how to run elections, insisting they supervise and train election agents, when in fact they are the rigging masters (sic).
In the run-up to the 2000 elections in Zimbabwe, the British provided £10 000 to assist the MDC train party representatives on ‘election monitoring techniques’ for the general elections in June.
Was this endowment to the MDC meant to assist it to properly monitor elections or was it to train them to monitor according to the dictates of the rigging masters.
What credible monitoring techniques can rigging masters teach anyone?
At law, if you are inconsistent, your evidence is inadmissible in court.
The British take it upon themselves to decide the fate of other nations because they want to continue to extort and loot the wealth of these nations.
What Nigeria is today is therefore not what the Nigerians would have wanted.
It is not the Nigeria they would have loved to build, yet the British go all over the world, including our part of the world, insisting they should monitor and ratify whether our elections are free and fair, when in fact they are the rigging masters.
In our 2018 harmonised elections, on the mid-morning of August 2, as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was waiting for all the chief election agents for each presidential candidate to sign V11 forms so they could start announcing the presidential election results, a BBC journalist asked one Dr Moyo who was then chairing ZEC proceedings if he didn’t think that delaying the announcement of the presidential election results would not make it look like a fix.
Obviously the journalist was pre-empting the results.
If a ZANU PF candidate won, it obviously would be a fix to them.
Would they call it a fix if it was Nelson Chamisa who had won the elections?
The British spawned the MDC.
It is their candidate for subverting the will of the people of Zimbabwe and for stealing the future of Zimbabwe.
The British journalist felt compelled to muddy the waters even as ZEC had two more days in the statutory five days within which to announce the presidential election results.
Going back in history: “At the height of the war in 1978, 1 500 foreigners were fighting with the Rhodesian army, including a force of 200 French Foreign Legionnaires; the air force began the final stage of the war in 1972 with just 22 ancient Alouette helicopters.
The Sultanate of Oman boosted this figure, arranging a sanctions-busting deal which gave Rhodesia 11 helicopters in 1978.
The Omanis went further and provided US$5 million to support the amnesty campaign which was supposed to underpin the Muzorewa election in 1979,” writes Henry Ellert a former member of Rhodesia’s Special Branch in his book The Rhodesia Front War.
Our liberation threatened so many forces across the world.
The loot of our wealth by the British not only benefitted the British, but the Western world and their allies as well.
Today, as we chart our destiny, so many forces are involved to ensure that rulership in this country falls in the hands of those who would favour foreigners; a puppet regime to deliver the head of Zimbabwe to Herod, and, of course, the British, the Europeans and the Americans are on the bandwagon.
The British and their kin are the rig masters.
Rhodesia’s Special Branch spent millions of pounds in a covert operation to `buy’ the British-supervised election for Muzorewa in 1980.
This clearly was rigging the elections, but they did not succeed in turning the vote in favour of their puppet.
This was after Zimbabweans had fought bitterly for 16 years with much suffering by millions and the death of thousands.
Who knows how large our margin of victory would have been had such rigging not taken place and who knows what other rigging took place?
In a conversation with a driver who gave me a ride into town on Saturday, August 18, clearly upset by the Tendai Biti-Chamisa debacle of August 1, he said: “Chamisa knew he would lose the elections and that is why he kept harassing ZEC.
“We know they (MDC) paid each of those demonstrators US$30 but the money was not enough, so some ended getting US$15 each, which caused the ensuing fracas.
“They paid the demonstrators some money and who do you think is paying for all those lawyers?
“It’s the Americans.”
The British have not changed either.
They will stop at nothing to achieve their ends and that is how they survive.
Their attempts to foist their puppets on Zimbabwe are characteristic.
They robbed us of our country at gunpoint in 1890.
They created their party (MDC) to regain control of our country for its resources and through it, continue to pursue the same goals for which they robbed us of our country in 1890.
In Nigeria, they were no less culpable.
Harold Smith explains:
“As I have remarked, the Governor General said that I knew far too much, and he would know.
I have indicated how I knew so much.
It should be remembered that I was part of the British establishment.
The Labour Department expatriate staff made no claim to be very cerebral. (The African staff were, however, quite brilliant). I made friends in other departments including one that will not surprise the astute reader of what has gone before.
One informant was in charge of counter-intelligence.
Another tapped all leading politicians’ phones.
As the Governor General rightly said, ‘I knew too much’.
This rigged election put into office a gang of crooks who for six years ransacked this great giant, this great empire of a nation, a commonwealth in itself.
When the military rose against these crooks, a civil war started and one thousand days later up to two million young Nigerians were dead.” (
Why then should the British a well as their European and American relatives be trusted?


  1. “Patriotic Front leader Robert Mugabe (R) gives a press conference, on October 29, 1976 in Geneva. (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)” THAT ISN’T ROBERT MUGABE, IT’S BISHOP ABEL MUZOREWA.


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