Coffee shop scandal: More details emerge


By Golden Guvamatanga

Last week The Patriot published a story exposing Britain’s bid to infiltrate ZANU PF spearheaded by Alan Fish who is a member of the Conservative party dangling an ‘investment and re-engagement’ programme for the country by opening a chain of coffee shops.

MORE details emerged this week on the regime change agenda with two prominent local businessmen implicated in the scam.
The plan has been linked to the ongoing liquidity crunch bedeviling the country, our sources said.
We wrote in our report last week that Fish’s plan to ‘join’ hands with the revolutionary party was part of Britain’s broader plan to influence ZANU PF’s programmes, policies and direction.
Having failed to dislodge ZANU PF’s stranglehold on power in the July 31 harmonised elections, signs were clear that the British would not give up their regime change agenda plans when they refused to endorse the historic polls.
The resurfacing of Fish as the point-man in the latest attempt to further push the regime change agenda speaks volumes on the determination of the British to make this goal a reality.
His predatory and menacing exploits in the push for the removal from power of President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party have been a matter of public record.
It emerged this week that Fish who is leading a group of British businessmen has already partnered with a local businessman to open a coffee shop at Sam Levy Village in the plush Borrowdale suburb while another businessman has with the help of Fish won the franchise of popular food outlet KFC.
Sources who spoke to The Patriot this week revealed that the businessman who won the KFC franchise and intends to open 14 outlets by March next year has close links with another businessman in the telecoms sector.
The sources said contrary to the widely held belief that Fish and his team want to ‘re-engage’ ZANU PF, the group are on a mission to infiltrate the revolutionary party as part of Britain’s broader regime change agenda.
“It is true that the Fish coffee shops project has reached an advanced stage and you do not have to look far than those involved in the hospitality and telecoms sectors to see where this is coming from and where it is going,” said one of the sources.
“Go to Sam Levy Village you will find a coffee shop (name given).
“More coffee shops are coming.
“In the coming few months, March to be precise the other guy who is friends with Fish and our own (name supplied) who has interests in the telecoms sector would have opened about 14 outlets through the KFC franchise with Fish’s assistance.”
Another source who claimed that he would attend the meeting that will be chaired by Fish in London on December 14 said while the target is principally ZANU PF and the regime change agenda, ‘a more intricate strategy aimed at the economy will be top of the agenda’.
The source argued that the liquidity crunch is a creation of forces that intend to rfecreate the 2008 cash shortage crisis, alienate the ZANU PF government and dangle the investment carrot.
“I read your story last week, but it just scratched the surface, what we are dealing with is a monstrous plot with flowery insinuations but laden with stinking outcomes,” he said.
“My friend this is bigger than you can imagine, it involves a lot of people, plots and sub-plots, they want to suffocate the ZANU PF until it comes down on its knees and then they will dangle the investment carrot!
“I will be attending the meeting in London and I am told that the economy will be at the centre of the discussions that will take place there.”
Political analysts say the relentlessness of the British to destry ZANU PF must never be taken lightly especiall.
With the party having recently launched its economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset) which comes at a time the country is reeling from the rampant effects of the illegal economic sanctions, the party must be wary of vultures that come in sheep skins.
The likes of Fish and our local business people who are complicit in the Zimbabwe economy sabotage fit into this bill.
Whether ZANU PF will survive this latest onslaught by Fish and his partners is a question for another day.


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