Compensation for white farmers: A catch 22


IN the two recent articles, we discussed the myth of conquest by the British and their false claim of war reparations to justify their looting of the Ndebele herd which was at least 200 000 strong.
In this article, we discuss the myth of compensation for the white farmer, the claim that the Rhodesian white farmers who shared among themselves land, cattle and mines robbed from our people should be compensated.
The claim and supposition that white farmers need to be compensated for land and for whatever developments on the land is fraudulent and totally unwarranted, because it is based on a fabricated premise that they have rights to that land which they unlawfully held.
If you take from someone by force, you have stolen and whatever you make from that stolen property is not yours; it belongs to the owner of the property from whom you stole it; you don’t own anything, you have no rights to anything.
This means that what each white farmer harvested over the years belongs to the people of Zimbabwe, the Africans whom they ruthlessly dispossessed and for that reason, compensating the white farmer for this and that is a myth.
They did not bring any land from England, they never bought any land from the people of Zimbabwe; what they had, they took by force, they stole it, so they cannot be compensated for anything, land or whatever is on that land; all belongs to the Africans, the owners of the land.
It is the Africans who need to be compensated for land stolen from them; from which they did not benefit for at least a 100 years.
The loss of all they could have made from their land for at least a century should be calculated and the British should pay it back to the Africans.
The hundreds of thousands of cattle seized from the Africans would have multiplied into millions, the goats and sheep too would have multiplied at least a thousandfold, and would have nourished the Africans over the 100 years; would have enabled them to afford a much higher standard of living, instead of the impoverished lives forced upon them by the seizure of their land and herds by the British armed robbers, forcing them to live like dogs in the employ of the thieves who now possessed their wealth, their means of livelihood.
For more than a 100 years, Africans laboured on land that was stolen from them, looked after cattle which were stolen from them, and all the products of their labour were taken by the whiteman.
For more than a 100 years, the whiteman has taken our minerals and enriched himself with what is ours; our gold, silver, manganese, our copper, nickel, tin, emeralds, the list is endless.
All these minerals are ours; all that wealth is ours, the mines were stolen from us so the wealth from them is ours.
All this should be paid back to us.
The economy that was built on the proceeds from our land and mines should benefit us first because it was built from our resources and our sweat.
The financial institutions that have grown out of this ‘loot economy’ should do everything to pay back what was stolen from the Africans by empowering African ownership of the means of production, land, mines and industries.
When you steal, you have no rights to what you have stolen, instead you should be incarcerated.
For the loss of quality life for over 90 years because their wealth was stolen from them; for their labour on the farms, factories and mines for which they were paid barely enough to keep body and soul together, for what we should have been justly remunerated for the labour that profited the whiteman, for having been housed under subhuman conditions, in shacks, hovels and dormitories far inferior to the pig sties and cattle sheds the whiteman housed his farm animals in, for the loss of normal family life due to these subhuman living conditions, for all this and more, recompense is owed.
For the humiliation of being reduced to slaves for the robbers on land and mines which were ours, we need to be compensated; and for the victims of chibharo (forced labour) full compensation is owed.
And we all need to be compensated for being forced to live as slaves in the land of our birth by the British armed robbers.
For the lives lost in their wars of aggression against us, for loss of limb, for the pain and anguish of war, for starvation during the struggle, for war-induced diseases, for separation from loved ones during their wars of aggression against us, for all the horrors of wars spawned by British greed and lust for what belongs to others, compensation is not negotiable.
Thus children must correctly understand their history, know what is theirs; they must understand how various fraudulent laws and arguments have been advanced to extort their heritage, to cast them as indebted to the whiteman, as guilty of dispossessing the whiteman, to cast their people as unjustly benefitting from what is theirs, they must know that there is no case for compensating the white farmer which has any merit, but each item the whiteman stole from their people at gun point has to be compensated for; that they do not owe the British anything.
It must be made crystal clear to them that the reverse is true; the British armed robbers owe us trillions, that the loot economy of Rhodesia was built on our resources, blood and sweat, so we do not owe them anything.
They owe us and what we don’t need and cannot tolerate are fresh crimes against us.
The children must know what is theirs and should not be embarrassed to claim it. They must know that if people steal and then proceed to enact theft laws to protect their robberies, such laws are not laws. At any rate you don’t enact laws to govern land that belongs to others, your laws can only apply to land on which you have jurisdiction; therefore the British can only have jurisdiction in England and not in Zimbabwe.
When our children understand this, they will know how judiciously they must jealously guard their heritage, Zimbabwe, from marauding raiders then, and today.


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