Conference resolutions must be respected


The just-ended ZANU PF gathering at Goromonzi High School, should not be seen merely as an ordinary political party conference, since decisions arrived at this indaba, are ideas that are going to determine the governance of the country.

For it is the ideas of the ruling Party that give direction to the affairs of a country.

It was appropriate that emphasis in their resolutions was placed on revamping the economy.

It is a given, that for happiness to be shared by the greatest number of the people, a flourishing economy is a pre-requisite.

But this economy cannot grow through wishful thinking.

We would like to see visible measures taken to see to it that maximum yields are achieved on our farms, be it commercial or subsistence.

The resolution on the desire to rehabilitate and develop irrigation infrastructure, should be worth much more than the paper it was written on. 

One of the effects of climate change is recurring droughts.

It will be tragic for the whole country to be caught napping when we are blessed with so many waterbodies.  

Since we are blessed with valuable minerals, the economy can be boosted through the prudent exploitation of that resource.

Hence the resolution to fund small-scale miners is one big way, not only to boost our mineral production, but also to create employment.

However, the desired economic growth will suffer a stillbirth, if corruption is not stopped forthwith.

It could be corruption by individual sharks, by illegal money changers or by those distributing farming inputs.

We are glad the resolutions were emphatic on that. 

The unanimous endorsement of President ED Mnangagwa as the party’s sole presidential candidate for the 2023 harmonised elections, was a reassuring sign of unity.

For unity is a vital ingredient to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation.

There are a number of forces determined to stop ZANU PF from delivering.

It may be through infiltration by moles or bare knuckled onslaught by regime change disciples.

Isn’t it curious that as ZANU PF was holding its conference, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches was also organising an indaba,  purported to be apolitical.

But this was betrayed by the presence of the who’s  who from the regime change camp.

What apolitical deliberations can be expected from a conglomeration of hard core  regime change veterans like Ibbo Mandaza of Forum of Concerned Citizens, Jestina Mukoko of Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, Briggs Bomba of Citizens Manifesto  and Tony Reeler of National Transitional Justice Working Group, among others.

All these are well known out- and-out regime change stalwarts. 

And it was with such characters and the apparent blessing of the ‘usual’ embassies that the ZCC is looking for a renewed approach to bring about the downfall of ZANU PF. 

The surest way for ZANU PF to foil all this it to make a bold attempt to fulfil the conference resolutions as a united party. 

As long as the people centred resolutions are implemented, the surrogates of the Western imperialists are assured of another thrashing, come 2023 polls.

Meanwhile, we wish all our readers a happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Remember not to drink and drive during the festive season.


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