Conference: ZANU PF’s time for introspection


AS deliberations go on at the 18th ZANU PF National People’s Conference in Goromonzi this week, introspection must be a key element of the proceedings.

For it is through introspection, that the party can reinvigorate itself  through identifying possible shortcomings.

Right from the outset, the party should realise that, for it to maintain its vanguard role, it is facing battles on two fronts..

It has to meet the aspirations of the millions of people who voted it into power, despite some hurdles.

It also has to defend itself from Western regime change forces, whose surrogates from within are equally dangerous.

What is needed is a leadership able to manage and articulate change with the dawn of the New Dispensation.

That is a leadership, according to the party’s President and Fisrt Secretary Cde ED Mnangagwa, that ‘should be subservient to the people’.

In short, what is required is servant leadership.

But are these leaders merely those in the Politburo or only the President for that matter?

The answer is a categorical No!

The party leadership goes down even to cell level.

Perhaps, it is a question of visibility which narrows down leadership to just a few or even one person.

A leader visible only at big occasions like the current conference or when there is a meeting with the President, is not what is desired.

Genuine leaders are those always mingling with the people explaining Government policies.

It might be political or economic reforms or even intricacies involved in the process of engagement or re-engagement.

Is it fair that the grassroots, can only hear about all this through newspapers, radio, TV and social media.

After all, some of these mouthpieces are so hostile to ZANU PF.

Introspection requires those leaders keeping a ‘safe’ distance between themselves and the masses to think again.

And this challenge is thrown right at the doorstep of those leaders deliberating at the 18th National People’s Conference. 

It is these leaders who have to convey to the grassroots the meaning of President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030. 

Not only that.

It is the duty of these leaders to be constantly reminding the people on the history of the party and its ethos.

This way the policies of the party can be understood as it seeks to meet the aspirations of the masses.

But the question the leaders have to ask themselves at this conference is whether they are doing so.

At the current conference ZANU PF must also remind itself of the country’s detractors who will stop at nothing to bring about regime change. 

These are powerful forces with economic muscle enough to finance destructive propaganda.

And the targets include even those within the party.

That is why there are always moles ready to infiltrate.

But the party’s President and First Secretary Cde Mnangagwa has always reminded its members that ZANU PF is ‘bigger than its individual members’.

Thus the party is not about individuals but a collective entity.

This is the surest way to maintain unity and keep forces of destruction at bay. 

A united party is the key to the defeat of these forces of anarchy, be they foreign or generated from within.

That is why at the most trying time in our history, thousands were prepared to lay down their lives fighting for the party’s cause.

The adage: united we stand, divided we fall, should be  etched into the delegates’ minds as they introspect about their involvement with the grassroots.


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