Crucify and bury the euro-god!


By Vitalis Ruvando

A EURO-GOD is a European god.
This toady god is pictured with European features.
No doubt, the god has a spiritualised colonial legacy.
Most Zimbabweans feel strongly against the euro-god.
There is a world of difference between the euro-god, imported and embraced in Africa and the sacred Creator whose holiness guides the lives of Zimbabweans and genuine citizens.
Regrettably, the values of the Creator are taught to missionary gangsters, if not colonial charlatans that are convinced of the secular and immoral Europe.
Expectantly, the missionary gangsters preach the euro-god cabal.
Many Zimbabweans are resentful about their toxic ‘gospel’.
We invoke indigenous Zimbabwean spirits.
We once invoked them during the liberation war.
As a result, we earned our independence.
We invoke the same spirits to crucify and bury the toady euro-god to salvage themselves and African pride.
Their restoration will checkmate the euro-god.
The restoration process includes crucifying and burying the borrowed spiritual mindset, alien languages; negate naïve spiritual writings and doctrines that are colonial, hegemonic and non-African.
This way, Zimbabwe will regain and celebrate her true and distinct identity.
Choice demands the rebirth of Zimbabwean sage knowledge, languages, religion and medicine by reversing the secular and immoral euro-god who is dressed in predatory capitalistic robes.
It is clear that, “Europe has never been Christian…a wolf in sheep skin. It has camouflaged predatory capitalism with Christianity. Missionaries employ this colonial conspiracy,” said one Mhondoro.
“Native pastors are mere sleepers or spiritual charlatans in the colonial cabal. The euro-god inspired Christianity is full of deceit, dishonest and replete with sentiments that rave about capitalism and supremacy. Divine supremacy is an afterthought.”
Roman imperialism created the euro-god.
The euro-god was later furnished with Greek metaphysics.
The Greco-Roman empire then invented the church institution to buttress imperial esteems.
It was the Gothic and Viking ethos that credited the piracy, plunder and conquest fiber to the euro-god.
Real Christianity was sidelined during the roguish processes.
In view of the impish processes, one gospel mercenary retorted, “God is dead”. However, let’s not be misled by the isolated sibling rivalry between gospel mercenaries and colonialists.
Shamelessly, imperialists used the euro-god cabal to coerce Zimbabwean chieftaincy into reinforcing their imperial esteems before cabal’s offices, ‘churches’ were established.
However, chiefs and mhondoro were not inert recipients.
They secretly invoked Zimbabwean spirits to rebel against the euro-god and supported colonial resistance and rebellion.
Before the establishment of churches, the colonial cabal employed missionaries to crucify Zimbabwean gurus like Mbuya Nehanda and implant the euro-god who thrives on capitalism.
Euro-god missionaries were used to spy on Zimbabweans by colonialists.
By his own admission, the notorious Cecil J. Rhodes said, “One missionary is better than 15 000 soldiers.”
The bones of the crucified Mbuya Nehanda are rising.
She predicted our military rise and religious reformation.
No doubt, our military prowess has global accolades.
However, is the strength of invincible military sustainable when it is inspired by colonised spirits?
Nehanda’s muted prophecy on religious revolt needs to be amplified and integrated.
We advance Mbuya Nehanda’s unsung call for religious revolt.
A lot can be learnt from her refusal to be baptised or convert to the euro-god cabal that masqueraded as Christianity.
Lest we forget, the independence of Zimbabwe was born out of the crucifixion of thousands of freedom fighters and civilians by the Smith regime.
The role of Zimbabwean spirits during the struggle for independence was phenomenal but is now divorced, muted if not ignored in national development.
The majority of Zimbabweans want indigenous spirits and spirituality restored.
The spirits will ensure our reunion with the Creator who is resentful and allergic to the euro-god.
Daily, the poor are inflicted with burns from the illegal sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe.
Inter alia, this euro-god cabal devise is used to loot diamonds, platinum and chrome from Zimbabwe for USA space programmes.
Elsewhere, the USA uses the euro-god cabal to crucify Muslims and Islam in order to loot oil.
This bloodthirsty euro-god cabal of the English Empire, which is overtaking the British Empire, is a global security risk.
Zimbabwean spirits can checkmate the impish euro-god.
This euro-god, magnified as the sacred Creator is a colonial feat.
The euro-god evinces as the creator of anarchy, terrorism, piracy and plunder.
This euro-god must be crucified and buried if Zimbabwean spirits have to take charge of the destiny of their progeny and natural endowments.
Crucifying and burying the euro-god cabal will definitively cripple the weaning pockets of resistance to our land reclamation.
Either we crucify and bury the euro-god or its agents will crucify and bury us.
This will create space for vicars of the euro-god cabal to plunder our God given resources.
Pastors, long time sleepers of the euro-god put Zimbabwean spirits on an unfair, unjust, demeaning trial and crucifying Zimbabwean spirits and culture at every pulpit.
These spiritual charlatans sustain their affluence from a grateful capitalism that donates to the church through cabal schemes.
The schemes include corporate social responsibility and tithes, indeed a glorified pick pocketing technique used against impoverished believers.
Despite the temporary economic recession, the euro-god cabal heartlessly swindles the last bond coin or rand from the poor widow’s purse in church.
There is need to unmask the euro-god as a colonial goblin.
Zimbabweans have to strip the euro-god till the Creator God; Musikavanhu is celebrated through Zimbabwean spirits.
It is time to unite indigenous spiritual practitioners and facilitate in the crucification of the euro-god.
We invoke Zimbabwean spirits in the name of Mbuya Nehanda and Musikavanhu to propel a religious revolt.
This revolt has potential to suffocate the ‘protestant ethic’ (Weber) that oxygenates capitalism.
Ultimately, the euro-god and its predatory capitalism will dwarf and dwindle.
The Houses meant for the Creator, built by the euro-god charlatans are full of robbers, crooks, predators and terrorists who are crucifying Musikavanhu day and night.
No wonder 90 percent of Zimbabweans are said to be Christians while Zimbabwe is poorly ranked on matters of corruption, extortion and abuse of office.
What a contradiction!
It is time to crucify the euro-god or weak nations will remain the euro-god’s sacrificial lambs.
We cannot afford the euro-god talk of peace, rights and submission to the English empire when the very empire thrives on terrorism, conflict, aggression and plunder.
Muaari-talk should amplify and facilitate the restoration of the functions of Vadzimu: antecessors, Mhondoro, Masvikiro: sacred practitioners, chiefs and magodobori: indigenous medical practitioners, Unity Accord, unhuism and history of our armed struggle.
This way, the checkmate against the sycophant euro-god will be definitively assured in Zimbabwe.


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