Cultural liberalism: A ticking bomb for African destruction


By Dr Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura

CULTURE is the soul of a nation.
Those who lose it are sentenced to death.
“What happened to the people of Sumer?” a visitor asked the old man.
“Ancient records say they were Africans.
“What happened to them?”
The old man sighed and said, “Ah! They lost their history.
“So they died.”
A people without history are like animals.
They live to eat rather than eat to live.
They follow whoever provides them with food, just like animals do.
If they are set free, they still come back to their master, just like dogs do.
They refuse to be free and hunt for themselves.
They choose to hunt for the master for the prize of bones.
The master takes the meat.
This is so because dogs have no culture and cannot think or decide for themselves.
The master thinks for them and decides the destiny of his dogs.
The business of his dogs is to bark and scare other dogs from their master.
Africans without culture behave just like that.
Their business is not to think but to bark and protect their white masters’ interests from Africans.
The role of culture is to humanise a people and make them think and decide their destiny for themselves.
People who impose their cultures on others become masters over those who adopt their cultures. Those who adopt alien cultures become slaves to strangers.
They cannot think or decide for themselves.
They let the strangers think for them and tell them what to do, just like they do with their dogs. Dr Woodson has observed closely the behaviour of people who follow the cultures of strangers and found out that:
“When you control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions.
“You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder.
“He will find his proper place and will stay in it.
“You do not need to send him to the back door.
“He will cut one for his special benefit. The culture he has adopted propels him to do so without coercion.”
A good example is that of Zuma who says Africans should not think like Africans.
He has imbibed white values and a white attitude against fellow Africans.
The 100 percent Zulu boy he once said he was is now a mere black shell without Zulu content.
The white man has stripped him of his Zulu culture and reduced him to the level of a mere spokesman and protector of their interests on African soil.
As Malcolm X once said, once the white man has stripped us of all human characteristics which include our language, our history and cultural knowledge, they bring us down to the level of mere animals and begin to treat us like their dogs.
This is why the Bible itself is against adopting other people’s cultures.
“Thou shall not have other gods besides me.”
But African leaders spite the Bible in their Constitutions and allow people to worship any gods of their liking, especially those of the white man.
They never seem to wake up and realise that while the white man invites us to abandon our cultures the white man never abandons his own culture or gods or ancestors.
He names his roads, schools, buildings and Africans he has colonised after the names of his European ancestors back home in Europe.
He numbers his streets and buildings 12a and 12b and omits the 13 according to the superstitions of his ancestors back home in Europe.
The lunar year is 13 months.
Each month is 28 days as in the female menstrual cycle.
The lunar year is 13 months x 28 days which comes to 364 days in a lunar year.
The white man’s calendar is 12 months.
He omits the 13th month because 13 is taboo in his culture back home in Europe.
The white man calls his calendar the Roman calendar in honour of Rome as the cradle of his people’s civilisation back home in Europe.
He also refers to it as the Julian calendar in honour of Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome.
He also calls it the Gregorian calendar in honour of Pope Gregory XIII who introduced AD and BC to it and called it the Christian Calendar.
BC means before Christ.
AD means Anno Domini or “In the year of our Lord.”
But Christ’s birthday is not known.
AD and BC are the work of pure superstition.
Africans or Christians who follow the Western calendar unwittingly take part in worshipping European superstitions, ancestors, emperors and idols as their gods and angels.
They practice what the Bible calls idolatry and paganism, as whites do.
Here are examples: Monday is Moon’s Day or Monandaeg in German.
It is the day to worship the Moon.
Tuesday is Tiwe’s Day or Tiwesdaeg.
It is the day to worship Tiwe, a German god of war.
Wednesday is Woden’s Day or Wodensdaeg.
It is the day to worship Woden, a German god of war.
Thursday is Thunor’s Day or Thurnresdaeg.
It is the day to worship Thunor, the German god of Thunder.
Romans call him Thor.
Friday is Frigsdaeg or Frig’s Day, a Greek goddess of cold.
Women who worship her are frigid towards sex and dislike men.
Saturday is Saturn’s Day.
It is the day to worship Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture.
Emperor Constantine cancelled it as the Sabbath and replaced it with Sunday or Sunre’s Day as the day to worship Sunre, the Sun.
So, Sunday became the Day of the Lord or Sabbath, throughout the Roman Empire.
To observe another day was punishable by death.
Millions were hanged in Palestine for insisting on Saturday as the Sabbath.
Constantine’s Proclamation read as follows:
“On the Venerable Day of the Sun, let the magistrates and people residing in the cities rest, and let all workshops be closed. In the country, however, persons engaged in agriculture may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits; because it often happens that another day is not so suitable for grain-sowing or vine-planting; lest by neglecting the proper moment for such operations the bounty of heaven should be lost.
“Given the 7th Day of March 321AD.”
The Council of Nice endorsed Sunday as The Legal Day of Rest in AD 325.
The Catholic Church adopted it as The Legal Day of Worship the same year.
Christian churches throughout the world adopted it as The Resurrection Day of Christ, against the teachings of the Bible.
Cardinal Gibbons explained in an interview as follows: “Is Saturday the 7th Day according to the Bible and Ten Commandments?”
“I answer yes!”
“Did Christ change the day to Sunday?”
“I answer no!”
“Which day is the Sabbath Day?”
“Saturday is the Sabbath Day.”
“Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?”
“The Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.”
Whites also name their months in honour of their ancestors and superstitions.
January is Janus, a Roman god with two faces, one looking forward; the other looking back, as a sign of the Old and New Years at the crossroads.
February is Februa, a Greek goddess; March is Mars, the Roman god of war; April is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of fertility; May is Maiua, another Roman God of war, also known as Jupiter; June is Juno, the Roman god of love; July is Julius Ceasar; and August is Augustus Caesar, both Emperors of Rome.
While Europeans honour their ancestors and cultures, Africans denounce theirs and adopt those of whites with ignorant pride.
Were it not for their surnames, Africans would go down in history as if they were white.
This is what happened to Africans in America.
Their inventions have gone down in history as if they were by whites.
They lost their history and so they died.
Cultural liberalism in Africa is a sure ticking bomb for African destruction.


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